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    What's Entertainment?

    I’ve been watching the games regularly since the WNIR and a season ticket holder since our first season in the BBT. One thing that attracted me to the sport was the fast pace and physicality on the ice. The brand of hockey we adopted in the BBT was usually entertaining, however previous posters...
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    When Did You Start Watching?

    Caught a game with some friends late season 2004/05. By the start of 2006/07, I was a season ticket holder!
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    Devils v HC Davos - Sun 3 Sept - CHL - FO 6pm

    One of the best Devils wins I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing! Up there with the 2005 Challenge Cup win and last year's comeback in Belfast. I love this sport!
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    Bili Tygri Liberec v Devils - Sat 26th Aug 2017 / 3.30pm

    Link on Premier went live at 16:30 showing the Devils game
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    Bili Tygri Liberec v Devils - Sat 26th Aug 2017 / 3.30pm

    Signed up for Premier to watch the game, still no link active! So frustrating!
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    Devils v Blaze - 24/09 @ 19:00 - CCup - Chat/Updates

    From what I saw, Bordeleau was skating past the Blaze bench and was caught by a punch. He immediately turned around and was getting ready to take on someone when the stick came out of his eyeline and hit him in the face. There was a lot of blood on the ice. Next Blaze game could be interesting!
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    Intro....yay or nay

    It was the nickelback intro with the visuals from the 2015 Challenge Cup Final - same video we had around start of last season
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    Intro....yay or nay

    Yep, we had the old intro from the tent tonight including the video. Sounded much better!
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    Awards Night

    Todd announced at the shirt auction last night that the awards night would be on Tuesday 5th April. More details being released on the website
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    Play -offs Quarter finals

    Correct decision to play 1st leg in Cardiff - means Dundee have a long journey before both games. Tough tie, but exactly what you expect at the business end of the season!
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    Devils/NAT 666 shuttle

    Picks up at the bus stops round the back of central station
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    Info for Season Ticket Holders

    Well done to Todd and all the volunteers involved with sorting the new season tickets - very well organised and relaxed atmosphere. Arena looks outstanding with amazing views for each seat - can't wait for the first game in there!
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    Latest rink update

    Attached article from Devils website says Season Ticket holders will be picking their new seats in the next 7-10 days: ... unday-6pm/
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    Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All teams 2015/16

    Re: Confirmed Signings - All teams 2015/16 Jamie Chilcott back for the Stingrays: ... tt-p197678
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    Season Ticket Renewal

    Considering how many games we get in the package and the type of team we're likely to have on the ice next season, I'm more than happy to renew my season ticket. In fact, I was so happy to renew, that's exactly what I did this morning when I popped down to drop off my application! Here's to a...