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    Cardiff Devils forced to wait for new home

    Looks like we'll be in the tent a little longer
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    Rob Davison - Talking about playing in the Eliteleague

    Talking about playing in the Eliteleague, it's about 03.10 in.
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    Prpich requires knee surgery
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    Face Off v Coventry on Boxing Day

    i was told last night that the game would be at 6pm.
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    Steeler Ryan's blind rage

    here we go again ....
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    There can be only one!

    I worked with Tim Steadman until a few months ago, really good guy. But for me it had to be Steve Moria
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    Devils vs Bison, Wed 01st 7.30pm. Chat/Updates

    I was stood next to the Sky camera man, he went to the sky truck in the period break. when he came back he said that the replay from his camera showed the puck was over line.