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    4pm Faceoff ...

    Another thumbs up here for earlier face off times. The more and earlier the better for me.
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    Pre-game celebration video

    Another great video Paul. It did the job on the night and now having watched it back a few (okay, loads of) times I appreciate it even more seeing the subtle bits where you've matched the words in the song to the order of the images. I won't go through them all but things like "Kings and Queens"...
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    Me (+1) too please.
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    Giants v Devils - 08/02 @ 19:00 - CC SF 2nd Leg - Chat/Updates

    Didn't the Giants used to do an early £5 offer for their webcast? Haven't bought it in a while so maybe that was last season. Big fan of Icetime TV's output Gaz, but while it's being brought up, it would be good to see these other angles and slow motion replays (or any replays actually) in the...
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    Weekend Parking

    You'll be fine in Morrisons mate. I think they ask Devils fans to park near the recycling banks at the far end.
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    I was sat in block five for the opening two games, so I'm not sure if it was the same with the light behind the block four goal, but the delay between the goal being scored and the light coming on definitely caused some confusion. Those first two goals on Saturday were difficult to see the puck...
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    New Intro

    New intro graphics look great. The penalty calls flashing up were a nice touch too (and with very little delay). Maybe the atmosphere will build a bit more during the intro once everyone becomes familiar with it, rather than sitting there and watching it for only the first/second time. Same with...
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    Devils v Panthers - 9th January 2016 - 19:00 - Chat/Updates

    Re: Devils v Panthers - 9th January 2016 - 19:00 - Chat/Upda Whenever I get the webcast I watch it via an iPad mirrored to the telly with an Apple TV and haven't had any issues.
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    Tickets on the day

    Thanks a lot mate.
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    Tickets on the day

    I've had a look around the forum (and other sites) and couldn't find anything on this, but sorry if this gets asked a lot. Can you just turn up at home games and pay for the game then or do you need a ticket in advance? If you can pay on the day, how much is it? Thanks in advance.