Devils vs steelers - 6 Mar 20 - League


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Well considering a few of their D were blowing out the backside towards the end we do look to be in better shape.

Great game just need to bring the atmosphere again.


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Momumental result tonight and achieved in style. Entire team gelled together to play well at the right time. Even sweeter to demolish the league leaders who have been scoring goals for fun.

Devils just need to stay healthy and energised. Keep doing what they are doing. Success is in their very capable hands.


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When these lads play as they can they are something else, tonight they gave a lesson to a very good team,saying you are a very good second placed team, but that’s it a second placed team. That number one place is ours and rightly so, settle for second, cause that’s what you are a second placed team, we put 7 passed the pretenders tonight, and that 7 could have been 10/11/12 quite easily. Tonight all our lads played superb, everyone of them played their hearts out, and it showed, great performance guys, same again Sunday please you are class above these pretenders so let’s show it again guys.They will be well pissed off come Sunday, and will want revenge, but feeling pissed off wont be enough to beat us when we play our A game, it’s the first trophy of the season lads the first of three, let’s do this you are the best now is the time to show it.
Happy Hockey Days


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I thought Louis was outstanding today. Masi was a menace and Riley played a blinder. Dare I say it.... Benti’s work rate was much better today. He linked up well.
Linglet just wanted the puck all of the time. He’s starting to Quarterback the game like last season.


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Devils dominated tonight and a much easier win than I expected. While Steelers are strong offensively, I thought their defence/goaltending was awful at times tonight. That performance (even more than the result) sends a huge message for Sunday too. A great game by the Devils tonight, no weaknesses anywhere.
I thought this weekend would be one win each but I fancy us on Sunday now. They will cause us problems but they’re a shambles at the back. Not just Duba I think their defence is also very poor. As long as bownsy and our D are on their game we’ll be fine as I can’t see Sheffield conceding less than 4.
Absolutely gutted I couldn't go because of work schedules. Sounded like a real joy to watch.

Let's hope we can replicate it on Sunday.


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That was some game, it's been a while since the Devils played like that. It's going to be a hell of a game on Sunday!


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Enjoyable game, but I was somewhat disappointed it wasn't a little more competitive. Steelers on top for the first 3 minutes then that was it! Duba is total pants and their D is average at best. They seemed to lack cohesion going forward, lots of good finishers but man do they need a few playmakers to knit it all together.

Thought we played very well - Masi had a good game and seemed to be more involved than usual. Good to see Benti performing well - would like to see him get a few goals then hopefully the floodgates open up. Bownsy played solid and the D cleared most things away.

Same again Sunday.
Brilliant performance last night! Masi took quite a few hits into the plexi in front of us, but bounced back after each one, saying (not literally) “is that all ya got?”. Would loved to have seen Riley get his hat trick, but his reaction after the fight was priceless and made up for it . Was important not to let Sheff get a quick score after the 3rd time of going 2 ahead. Officials let a lot of stuff go, especially in the 3rd, but it did kinda keep the game flowing. That being said, there were some bizarre decisions and I was beginning to think the orange armbands meant the refs were playing for Sheffield. Can’t remember which Sheff player it was, but he took one hell of a hit in the 3rd in front of us in 7 and for a few seconds looked like he didn’t know where he was. Cant wait to see the highlights of that game. Awesome job by all!
I think I would have to say that last night was the best game I’ve been to all season. The on-ice product was great but the atmosphere was one of the best this season too. Sheffield just didn’t seem to have a plan b against us and I think we outplayed them in every department.

I honestly can’t think of anyone who had a bad game. Benti had a great assist and seemed to be in all the right places and that was one of Riley’s best games in a Devils jersey. Masi was like a machine! I could go on all day about absolutely every player because last night we were just unstoppable and everyone played out of their skin. Crowd included.

I thought the hit on Haddad was dirty. Haddad went head first into the board and for a moment I was worried he may have been injured from it. Glad to see him get back up though. I’m not sure if it was enough to warrant a ban or anything but there should have been a pp from it. Sonetimes in real time it looks worse so I’m waiting to see a video on it.


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Well I woke up this morning still feeling stunned by how good that performance was. It was as near to perfect as I have seen in a long time. After the first 2 minutes I said to my wife, this doesn't look good. Sheffield were faster and in control. Then Haddad and Linglet break down the right, Linglet gives a brilliant defence splitting pass to Haddad and in the ensuing chaos in Steelers defence Dixon scores.

That brilliance seemed to lift the whole team. Every player started playing so much better than all season. There were some moves almost to the point of showboating that I have not seen from this team.

There has been a lot of talk on this forum about our inability to score (including from me) and how Sheffields forwards will tear us apart. Well we had no problem scoring last night. 6 players got on the scoreboard and our D did a great job. The Ds job was partly made easier by the great man marking across the team. We gave them no time on the puck and played a physical game.

I think that is the performance we have all been waiting for from this team. It may have taken some time coming but it was worth the wait. Now lets win some trophies.


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Best performance for a long time that but we did have a lot of puck luck as well. A few defensive lapses but Bowns did well to keep them out & he looked sharper but more relaxed to.

I thought Masi was superb. Annoying, hitting, threatening to hit but kept his cool as well.

Lets hope we get the win on Sunday to.


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I see some Steelers are complaining about abuse from devils fans towards them (which I find hard to believe, as why wouldn't it have been reported to the stewards), and towards duba? As I was watching on TV I couldn't pick up on any of this. What happened? To my mind winding up opposition players is fair game. In the past players like Rick strachen, Marc Bernard, Simon hunt and Tony hand would get merciless wind ups. Is this yet another case of Steelers fans being utter snowflakes because they don't get their own way?