Devils vs steelers - 6 Mar 20 - League

Rich Best

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Right, I can't control what other fans write on here all I'm asking is positive posts regardless of result tonight, if we lose so be it it's still in our hands , I admit I have a go at players some times but remember if we do lose we got the final Sunday to regroup and don't need negative comments on here regarding how we performed or how the players performed , that's all we need is negative posts for players to read going into a final..that's my rant ...let's do this for the club...owners and fans.
Good post I agree.


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Said it before and I’ll say it again. I think steelers would be comfortably top of the league if they had a half decent goalie


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Great team performance. Outclassed out played them in every department.
Didn't let them settle at all.
Bring on Sunday seem again please.


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Dominated from the start. The guys were hungry and motivated to the max. If we keep that level consistently, we'll be laughing at the end of the season. Linglet, Mosey, Masi and Jardine were all awesome tonight. Could mention more but they stuck in my mind following their performances. Would have thought Shuff will be much more up for it Sunday after that battering. If we get an early goal or two, I'd fancy another dominant performance. Best game of the season that I've been at so far!
Heck of a hockey game tonight. Tremendous performance from the Devils all round.

I was a bit worried in the first two minutes as we struggled to get out of our own zone. However once the Devils started scoring they took control. I particularly like how hard they pressed forward even when the steelers scored a couple, never allowed them to gain momentum or have breathing space. One of the strongest performances I've seen from the Devils in a while. More of this please!