Clan Vs Devils - CC 1/4 Final - 6th Dec 23 - FO 19:30


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Chad's hit should of been at most a 2 game ban, the Ully situation just adds proof this league/officals are either absolutely corrupt or so incompetent and deluded they are beyond elevating the league out of the gutter.

Had a Devils player forced a Clan player face first into the goal post there would of been an uproar from the north, but yeah maybe our coach needs to cry and complain in his post game interview like a spoilt little child to get dops to do their job correctly.
Exchanges on X tonight reinforce my opinion that there are plenty of EIHL fans who are not worth any energy. Defending the Ully push as fine because it's not against the rules...certainly not sportsmanlike behavior though is it.

It may well be one of those situations where there's not a call to be made, but we should have someone on the roster to sort those situations out.

The Chad hit looks a lot worse in slow motion but I do think it deserved a penalty, and maybe supplementary discipline.

Did remind me though - this got 3 games (no repeat offender issue) when the much worse hit to the head on Duggan AGES back by the Steeler (when he was pinned to the boards by another Steeler) got two games....

It's that complete lack of consistency that winds people up. And I'm sure next weekend we will all be having the same conversations again - where the pantomime continues.