Clan Vs Devils - CC 1/4 Final - 6th Dec 23 - FO 19:30


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Devils head north for the first game in three in Scotland Wednesday night and its the first leg of the CC quarter final, against the Clan. We've had a good record against them so far this season so hopefully keep up the good results.


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They are right on our heels in the standings in the Elite League so this CC
quarter final CC first leg game needs to be taken very seriously.
We can do it .


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We need to do it....Clan have found a positive rhythm. Devils looked physically and mentality tired on Sunday against the Blaze. The current schedule is gruelling. Let's hope the Guys have made their day off count.


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Then two more games in Scotland. Will they travel home then straight back again?
Give them a bonding break and see some of the famous places and sights in Scotland is what I say!


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All lines are changed for tonight with Barrow and Martin out.
Crandall Busch Alderson
Cox Ully Sanford
Brandt Arniel Waller
Duggan Davies Pietroniro