Clan Vs Devils - CC 1/4 Final - 6th Dec 23 - FO 19:30


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Fair play that’s a great win. 3-1 down after one and on the PK to start the second. At that stage I feared the tie could be over tonight.

Powerplay still a concern. Hasn’t been consistently good since Skalde was here.


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Big character win! Would’ve been easy after the first to let the game drift away - particularly with the missing players and recent schedule.

Need players back for the weekend though, let’s hope they rest up quickly!


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A really gutsy comeback. Well done Devils. A real chance now next week.
The punishing schedule will be causing fatigue. Games are being ground out, getting the required result is not easy. Hope the Guys use their down time to rest and relax properly.


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The Devils do look tired which is not surprising. This schedule is outrageous.

That was hard work but a one goal lead is good coming into the home leg against a decent Clan team. Lots of line chopping lately (which I assume is due to injuries) has made things difficult.

They need some rest and a full roster and then they will be ready to win some silverware.

This team is good but powerplay and discipline could cost us. To be fair I think some of the penalties are coming from tiredness rather than goonality (is that a word?).

I also think we must practice hitting the post. So many wonderfully worked attacks end with a ping.


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A great first leg, especially with the players missing.
I would have been confident with a one or two goal deficit though, I feel like some of our great performances over the years have been when we know we're behind and need to score. Hopefully complacency won't set it now we're ahead, I'm sure PR won't allow that.