Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2018/19


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Was a guess, I have no idea, but Asselin always rips us up.

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He had quiet periods last season but always a threat - great hands and vision - not the quickest now. Hockey IQ immense

However he loves his family life and probably wants to make his photographic business with his wife to take off and be a huge success - he came across so happy visiting Gozo and friends in Switzerland I just have this feeling he wants to fly away. Lovely guy.

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I hate an announcement of an announcement. Don't see the point. Just get on with it and put up the article that was probably typed weeks ago for a player who was signed months ago.
Batch needs a big season this year for a few years now he hasn't really progressed so this year he best go all out to improve his game or next year get a upgrade.
Personally I thought last year when him and Moore were playing regularly he looked really good, forced a few turnovers and looked a nuisance. Injuries to both of them last year obviously didn't help but I think he can be a really good asset for us.


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Tell me how josh has improved?? He's been here years now and I don't see any change at all. Barely fights barely hits hardly ever scores. No intimidation facer at all.

Look at the minutes the 4th line got in the playoffs in 2017 and look at how the 4th line essentially won us the playoffs in 2018 with their work accross the two games.

it isn't about fights in regards to improvement. It's about how you maximise your minutes on a smaller rotation.

Batch - Myers - Moore is a quality 4th Unit in this league. And for you to suggest we 'upgrade' Batch, i'd be really intrigued to suggest who in that role you think we could get that would be better?


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Really glad Batchy is back although i was hoping it was going to be a D signing. Devils certainly keeping us dangling
Last season I think Lord had a plan to use Batch,Moore and Myers as a power/annoying line to wear the opposition down.
Injuries put a stop to that, maybe with them fit this year they could be very effective in the league.