Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2018/19


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I'm very pleased Josh is back. It was a difficult season of adjustments; a new position and role, season ending injury to his line mate which prevented us rolling 4 line, a long lay off himself.

But he still performed. Got one of the key goals of the season too. I am expecting more from him this season but that's just because he has settled into his position now and is fully fit. Just needs a little more aggession and he's there.
What he said.If Lordo thinks Josh has a role to play and is doing it well, that's good enough for me. Do we really want to see him playing Welcome back Josh.


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I would be well peed off to see Josh in any of the other pretenders colours, the Man is a Cardiff Devil and I am well chuffed that he is. Welcome back home Josh, your Dad was a Warrior, and so are you.


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Batch needs a big season this year for a few years now he hasn't really progressed so this year he best go all out to improve his game or next year get a upgrade.
Really you don't have talk drivel some times , can you tell me where there's a stack of 6'4 220lbs BRITISH ice hickey players , that can step into the EIHL now because as far as I can see there aren't many if any??
Great to have Josh back, when he is on his game he is unplayable as a power forward. Great guy and a devil through and through. Hope he is here for his tesimonial 10th year and beyond. Still 5 good years left in him if he looks after himself. Huge asset for the club, and tough as nails.


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Surely Jake would be required to be paid?

I’d assume we’re looking at a certain curly haired doctor being our assistant coach.