Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2018/19


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As we are now officially in the off season.. here we go with the Devils Confirmed signings and departures thread 2018/19 season.

Key words "Confirmed"; "signings" and "departures" - if its not one of those.. it doesn't live here.

Confirmed signings only here so no "heard it from a mate who knows a guys who's sister said" stuff, please post that stuff HERE

For signings for all the other teams, use the thread HERE

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Regardless whether this is true or not (it isn't), it hasn't been confirmed anywhere, so belongs in the rumours thread.
it is true. Nothing sinister in it. by all means put it in the rumours thread if you want until there is an official confirmation from the club


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Happy to stand corrected of course if i'm wrong, but can't see anything official anywhere so maybe better off as a rumour o_O

Would be a real shame to see Dease leave, a top guy indeed.
Hope it’s a case that he’s had an offer too good to refuse, or that he wants to move in a different direction

Big shoes to fill I guess.

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Dease is a good bloke and helped me out plenty of times over the past few years. I dont believe this i his decision.
I’ve heard the same. Dease has been released.

Just hope we can get someone who knows the league etc, one of the toughest roles on the team and pretty damn important to have a good one. There’s not many in the U.K. so we may have to go abroad for one?


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Drew Paris signs back in Sweden for Karlskrona:


Tasks: Drew Paris heading back to Sweden

He was HockeyAllsvenskans best back when he played in Tingsryd but flopped in Modo. Now South East states that Drew Paris returns to Sweden - to Karlskrona. With 26 points on 47 matches in Tingsryd, it was then unknown to Drew Paris, a donderers success that was all Sweden's main back. When Modo picked up the Canadian man, it was seen as a giant win. There went heavier and after a largely bad season he was kicked and ended up in the Austrian league. Then it became a move to Welsh (!) Cardiff Devils. It scored 20 points on 44 matches for the CHL team. Now Paris is reported to return to Sweden again. Sydöstran writes that the 30-year-old is high-level Karlskrona, who will play in HockeyAllsvenskan next year. In that league the back has previously scored 30 points on 73 matches.