Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2018/19

They accidentally (or maybe not!) revealed the new jersey for the 2017/18 season when they announced the peacock partnership in a promo shot with Moore and Richardson. Unless they genuinely don't care for doing a 'proper' standalone jersey reveal. You'd have thought in the social media generation it would be an easy win to build up to a reveal but hey ho.


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As we are now officially in the off season.. here we go with the Devils Confirmed signings and departures thread 2018/19 season.

Key words "Confirmed"; "signings" and "departures" - if its not one of those.. it doesn't live here.

Confirmed signings only here so no "heard it from a mate who knows a guys who's sister said" stuff, please post that stuff HERE

For signings for all the other teams, use the thread HERE

Coaching Staff
Andrew Lord - Head Coach - Devils Website
Jamie Elson - Assistant Coach - Devils Website





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seems like rumours on another page states jamie elson has left...??


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So Elson has gone.

Not that I in anyway want to diminish his role in our recent success, but I think this is probably a fat trimming exercise.

When Piggsy hasn’t iced in the last year he has been on the bench, a very active and vocal coach. I feel that Lord/Piggsy might be the coaching set up going forward, and Jamie has unfortunately been the odd one out.

I hope he goes on to something good in the future, and wish him well.


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Makes sense, the news is dimmed by people commenting more about Andrew Hotham and then a new signing that is announced for tomorrow. Just good PR. Speaking of which, roll on tomorrow!