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    Devils vs Clan - 01 Dec 19 - League

    So to all those who said there should be some player terminations here and new guys brought in: still feel the same way? I know a swallow doesnt make a summer, but just wondered.
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    Steelers vs Devils - 30 Nov 19 - League

    This one ain't gonna be pretty I am afraid. Pains me to say it but Sheffield are on the way up. Cardiff loose 1-5
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    Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League

    Interesting comment. And quite correct. What do you think has happened since September?
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    Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League

    Agreed. Farnham came out like his hockey shorts were on fire. High energy, chirping away, getting in peoples faces. The Devils dont really have anyone like this. It really lifts your team and gets everyone fired up. He reminds me of Sacratini.
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    I didnt say Cardiff played a physical game!! You are Andrew Lord and your coaching the Cardiff Devils. 1) One of your players legally hits a player into the boards 2) The referee calls a penalty 3) You have a fairly good idea that from this point forward the officials are going to call every...
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    I never said that. I am not refuting that. Yes there have been penalties for hooking, slashing, tripping etc. What I am stating, in this example, is that the team played physically and our player performed a legal check. The then referee called a penalty for it. This has happened more than once...
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    This. A number of you are complaining that Cardiff are not physical enough. They start playing physically , as described above, and end up in the penalty box. You actually want them to continue to play physically and spend the entire night in the box? Yeah that'll work. The officials in this...
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    Andrew Lord Interview

    JD I also thought this interview was excellent. Lord did give some honest answers here. As he indicated in the interview, there are a few players carrying injuries right now. Between this and the way officials are calling the game currently is perhaps why the physicality has dropped off.
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    Flyers v Devils

    This. Too many times this season we've seen missed assignments on a breakout when the opposition has turned over the puck and rushed over our blueline. Normally on a three on two situation. You cant blame the defence for this as there is always a third man with space. The home game against...
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    Tom Parisi

    Maybe he realised what life would be like in the 'real world'. Getting a job. Paying bills. I am sure it was an easy decision for him: 'Screw this!! Actually forget what I said. I am gonna go back to playing hockey!!'
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    Devils vs Mountfield HK - 30 Aug 19 - CHL

    Coming down the M4 from the dark side to catch this one. Wouldn't miss it for the world!!
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    This article indicates that there will be no further additions to the roster so I doubt it.
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    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

    I agree. Only a hunch here also, but I am not entirely sure Lordo and Hedden gelled all that much.
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    Summit: Jerseys

    Ah apologies. I must have missed that. I see now. The individual letters are stitched as opposed to a stitched name bar. In that case I feel a little better about these now. They are growing me.
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    Summit: Jerseys

    I think only the devils logo is stitched. Having looked closely at the back of the jersey, the player name is a screen print as well. What a shame.