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    Random question on old Trophies

    The roof pad where ice time and teh rest of the gantry gangs have secret BBQ's in period breaks on nice nights...Ado is a great cook..
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    20/21 Squad

    Follow the guy that was stealers 1991 on twitter..I think he is something like covid-1991 now... He is a classic one out of twenty correct in the know merchant...
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    First potential hockey to look forward too.

    So the UK All Stars event planned for July has been postponed till 2021 but announced at the same time was an NHS Benefit game. Icetime Tv, Extreme Edges all involved so it's something to look forward to. Date to be confirmed once restrictions over and what restrictions for the arena are known...
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    Rumour mill

    Studies have not stopped but moved to remote teaching so MBA's etc will not be an issue. Universities for this year just finishing of Assessment options
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    Rumour mill

    Yeap registered and played junior in Cardiff..
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    Rumour mill

    Played enough junior hockey to be classed as British as British trained
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    Who thinks the league will complete its games

    They could still play on reduced controlled capacity if they had to as other UK clubs still playing. With current advice and cases in UK it really is a no win decision making choice as it stands. In an hour it could be completely different!!
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    DEL & EBEL - Coronavirus, remaining fixtures cancelled!

    And it starts with the football Man city v aresenal is first game to be postponed..
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    Pubs in Cardiff showing CC Final

    Elevens around the corner are if they do not..
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    Tickets on sale monday for cc final.

    Elevens bar are..
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    DOPS Changes

    Please bare with a bit of indulge as I will try and make the case for the no supplemental discipline using my experience in this area. Here goes!! Lets start with the rule itself. Rule 124 Checking to the head or neck. A lot of fans think the exports get it wrong on a game by game basis...
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    Play off tickets

    Latest... We sold nearly 800 tickets to the fans that lined up today, but there are still almost 100 tickets. The Devils office will be open from 12noon on Sunday to take your bookings but we will be calling back customers that email us so email & we will call you
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    balls to it.. Hopefully a no point weekend for Sheffield... Giants to beat Sheffield in Sheffield om Sunday
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    wahooooo here we go again: Sunday 12th January Sheffield Steelers v Glasgow Clan Home win
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    Many congratulations wannabe.. so many away wins this season definitely catching out a few. Thank you Adam for arranging was good fun. Onto round two!!!