Pre-season games


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Usual issue and my usual response

It's school holidays - people may be away
For parents it's an expensive time - holiday costs, back to school things to buy
It's August - light nights, other attractions
It's not a competitive game
A reasonable number of people are interested in the leauge only and don't even turn out for cup matches

I can't help but feel cost may be an issue but I guess it's far from the only reason


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i dont get why they dont reduce tickets for the pre season games to try and get a good crowd..maybe try a £5 for kids or even a £20 family ticket 2 adults 2 children summer is hard but maybe doing something like this would get a bigger crowd in.


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I am not arguing about the idea of offers for pre-season games (adopted by some other clubs).

It makes sense to me that getting numbers through the door generating income is a good way to go. But that is me.

Club management will have weighed up high volume/low margin against low volume/high margin and made their choice. Yes It would be great to get more (maybe new) bums on seats but pre-season is surely about the team not a warm up for us fans - although that is what happens with the "few" who go along.


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I would have thought a full house is better, It's a good opportunity to attract new fans and at the best time the beginning of a season.

The mini season ticket is a good start and happy with how it's done. Just need to fill those empty seats whether it's school offers or Radio ticket prizes.

jimmy snels

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any cricketers will be playing Saturday much like myself and i know of a good few of them who go to games including a few umpires.
to expensive to attend them all. picking a select few.


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any cricketers will be playing Saturday much like myself and i know of a good few of them who go to games including a few umpires.
to expensive to attend them all. picking a select few.
Same here,

Money is not an issue but i begrudge paying £18 per game when there's nothing riding on them.
To be honest, I'm contemplating about going but the price is a litte steep and if the arena numbers looks a little dull to be honest which is a shame! If it was almost at full capacity I would go.


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I'll be there Saturday to get my hockey fix. It's a shame to have lower crowd numbers but completely understand why it's like that preseason. Definitely think it would be worth the club trialling discounted tickets next preseason and I don't mean a multi game package.


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I think the Club might get a stronger response if individual game discounts were offered rather than a full game package. I can't go to all Pre - season or CHL games but I can go to most. No discount offered on individual games. Might have got a better response to these..... but there is still time.


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The club don’t often get things wrong, however, they consistently get the financing relating to pre season wrong IMO.
It’s an opportunity first of all to get a lot of newcomers involved by making ticket prices to be lowered and try and get a larger attendance. A lot of regulars will be on holiday etc. I’d rather see a near capacity or even 3/4 full stadium at cheaper ticket prices than a half full stadium at today’s pricing structure.


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I cant get to the first two games, so 18th is my first. bought tickets for 18th, 25th and game after plus CHL games for me and my 2 grand children, because I didn't buy tickets for all games couldn't get a discount cost me £120!! my choice I know but that's on top of 2 season tickets


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I’ll be going to these ones, but only because I happen to be back in Cardiff this weekend for other reasons. It’s over 2 hours each way, just not worth it for a dead rubber. I think the pricing is atrocious for a friendly. If they were played in the spirit of the old Blaze ‘friendly’ days I’d get it but they aren’t.


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Back to back nights at these prices??

I will probably on Sunday because I've missed hockey and want to check out view from my new season ticket seats.