Pre-season games


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No parking at Wilcox House this season, just Toys R Us. That’s a real shame, so much easier to get out of WH quickly. Parking could get chaotic again.


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We don't have wilcox house at all this season. Confirmed by club on twitter. This is going to cause some real issues again. Really frustrating as WH was perfect solution.


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What are we expecting from tonight’s game? I don’t know much about the opposing team.

What’s the quality likely to be like?


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Well that was worth the money. Great first game and Im tempted to go tomorrow also after that. What a debut for Marjamaki. He is a wrecking ball. In the first minute he slammed a guy into the boards (cleanly) upsetting their defenceman so much he followed him and cross checked him in the face earning himself a game penalty. Then Marjamaki goes onto to score 2 goals.
McNamee showed some great skill and work ethic and did a lovely backhand pass to set up Marjamakis 2nd goal.
Blair Riley played as we know Blair Riley can
I couldn't see the D men too well from where I was sat but they looked OK. I could see though that Fournier is still a god.


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If anyone is wondering whether to go, just look at what we did to a very good EBEL side. Dominated the game from start to finish, superb puck control/passing pk was awesome even when 6 on 3. All the new guys looked like they had played for us for years. Really excited to see what we can do in the CHL and our own this season. Go Devils.
Cracking game they came at us flat out but as soon as we settled it was a really good contest.Feisty at times with some good open ice hits by both sides.Our penalty killing was worthy of a playoff game.Lots of small battles going on cant wait for next game. I am sure they will up their game for the next round.I expect both coaches will be pleased with the work out the players had.
I was surprised by our fitness level this early in the season.


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Really enjoyed the game. The whole team played well. Pope was unlucky not to score a couple of times. Dixon was unreal. Masi was awesome and Fourns just a joy to watch. New Dmen played well and there was an edge to the game. Lines changed frequently so cannot really comment on which lines worked well. Thought Bownsy was awesome and it was a shame that their second sneaked in. A good night all round.
Connections with players their N/M Ouzas played for Las Vegas Wranglers with Riley and McMonagle
The guy that got chucked ouy Saraurer also played for the Wranglers same time as Bryce Reddick if only briefly.


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What really surprised me was that there seemed times when they struggled with our speed. I thought it would be the other way around. Great fitness level to start the season with.
Flipping between the two links it seems we have a very strong start and our new M&Ms have made an immediate impact.
Great to hear some physical play is even being played in a friendly, hopefully that will be a sign of how we will play going into the competitive matches.

Excited for this season taking into account how the other teams have also recruited also!
Enjoyed that tonight, Devils played really well considering it's their first game out together, benti and Riley look like they've got good chemistry together already, wonder if they'll stay together on a line, think they had Haddad playing centre for most of the game, maybe Joey Martin will slot in there once he's back in the line up. The new guys all played well I thought, I like they look of them all so far from what I've saw Wednesday and tonight

Why is taz a dragon now??? And how about an update to the match night experience, nothing major just a few more fancy lights like those ones above the changing room doors that are completely useless where they are or like the ones the panthers have that project the badge on the ice just to give the intro and period break a bit more "show", we've had this fancy new rink for a while now but it still feels a bit BBT at times.