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The only place for hot drinks seems to be in that area of skate hire. Coffee machine behind main bar i have never seen on during match nights. If your in block 17-18 that end of arena a hot drinks vending machine around there on a back bar may be of some help.

I've only ever used the toilets in bar and think only one dryer in there, i may be wrong.

Thanks for reply.
Hot drinks are served at the bars in the arena behind the away block. Tea coffee and chocolate.
Don’t know about men’s toilets sorry lol


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When we moved into IAW it was stated that Face off would be 4pm for the remaining few home games.
People weren't happy as they'd bought their season ticket on the assumption all Sunday games would be at 6pm and this change would mean people missing games due to work or other reasons.
Since then, earlier face off on Sunday has been mentioned here and there but never materialised.


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We’re selling out. Keep the times as they are. I for one would struggle to make earlier FO times and wouldn’t buy a ST if it wasn’t worth my while.

If we were struggling with crowds then I could understand trying something different but we’re pulling crowds like we’ve never seen before.

As Wannabe said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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Yeah 6pm is perfect. If they changed the times it probably wouldn't be worthwhile me not renewing my season tickets.

I always worry when ppl suggest different times as it would really impact on me being to go! :)


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I'd prefer 4pm. I'm not sure really why and neither time would affect me a great deal either way.

But to play Devil's advocate, although we sell out every game maybe we would sell more season tickets if we made it more appealable to families and that's what the club want. It's a business so if it means we sold more season tickets we should probably do it, if it doesn't then we shouldn't. And whether a few fans are a bit miffed is almost irrelevant.


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Also don't forget other sporting events will clash with an earlier face off. 6pm is a stand alone time.
Some people support more than one team. Sunday rugby and football kick off between 12.30 and 4 which means they finish before 6.
Its just one of those things, whatever time is set it won't be good for everyone but every Sunday I've attended at 6pm its been a hell out so it doesn't seem a problem.
Why do people assume families would prefer earlier FO times. Maybe for the walk up / newbies but for ST holders no. Committing to a full season is expensive, my 10 year old has dance, urdd, sports activities and birthday parties for her friends on the weekend most of which will end approx 4 - 4.30 at the latest. Let alone doing something (sunday dinner with grandparents, afternoon shows and god forbid just going out for a walk).

4pm FO take the entire day out once you take into account sunday dinner. 6pm FO also allow you you to have tea before the game. 4pm means families are going to have to face the kids needing food (everytime) in the rink adding to the cost of the game.

Think about the volunteers who come down a minimum of 2 hours before FO. That would mean 2pm latest arrival.


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Well obviously all the season ticket people are fine with a 6pm face off, as they have committed to it, and it’s been 6pm since time began,I have 4 season tickets which I would have to let go with a earlier face off, but if my tickets are irrelevant then so be it.


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I think 6pm should stay.
As for selling more season tickets with 4 pm face off its swings and round abouts. The 200 you may gain may be wiped out with 200 you may lose so why take the risk when its working as it is.
Its the perfect time.
Any family or sporting matters are out the way, its not to late a finish time for kids with school or adults with work the next day, I really don't see the problem.


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Thanks for all the feedback. We had a good meeting with the Devils last night and hopefully you'll see some requests / changes filtering through (if not this season, by next). Please keep the feedback flowing, the Devils do appreciate it when issues, however small, are brought to their attention.


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Sounds good, the organisation definitely to listen to fans and try to fix what they can. Can we have some more details or minutes on what was discussed?