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It is not just about prices though!

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008
The law on this was changed a few years ago with the introduction of The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. This resulted in the repeal of the Price Marking (Food and Drink Services) Order, which specifically covered price lists and their display.

There is now a general obligation to give sufficient information to customers at the point of sale, so that they are not misled on prices. Providing the nature of spirits in a manner which is unclear or failing to provide the price in a timely fashion before a transactional decision is made may amount to a misleading omission.

If customers are not informed about prices prior to placing an order they may have the right to refuse to accept and pay for drinks (for example where they have purchased a some drinks and the price charged is excessively more than the customer would reasonably expect to have to pay).

Menus and price lists must include all material information required by an average consumer to make an informed choice, which may include the following:

  • accurate description of the name, brand of the drink including alcoholic strengths where appropriate
  • prices, inclusive of VAT. It must also be made clear if you have a compulsory service charge, a cover charge or a minimum charge per customer.
Where you have beer pumps and 'optic' stands you should ensure the advertising signs attached to these accurately indicate the brand of drink being dispensed.

How or where you display the information required above is not prescribed but it should be clear and easily readable by the average consumer. The best way to ensure that customers are given the required information is by the use of detailed menus or clearly displayed price list, so there is sufficient information to enable a consumer to make an informed decision before they are committed to a purchase.

Bars should show the price list at the bar where orders are taken. In cafes and restaurants, the prices can be marked in menus or price lists. So customers are informed from the outset prices could be displayed in your window or entrance to your premises.

To fail to show all or part of the information necessary, or to provide misleading information, may be regarded as an unfair trading practice and constitute an offence.
Wow you must really have to much time on your hands, this is getting silly.


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We haven't had a meeting since Christmas to give the Devils time to settle into the role of running the rink. No point meeting to tell them the rink is bad if they are trying to fix it. We'll catch up with where they are at on Tuesday. I did notice last night an IAW_TEST wifi network has appeared at the rink so hopefully something is in progression on that front.


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Minutes are always circulated by the morning following the meeting. The club want to sign off on them and I guess they've been busy in Belfast.