Devils Vs Steelers - 6 & 7 Apr 19 -Play Off Quarter Finals


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Well I should say something about a great comeback but that was the most sloppy performance from the Devils I have seen for a long time. To be that far behind and then start a third period powerplay so sloppy is shocking.
Look what they are capable of when all of them give 100% but not all the team are giving 100% until they are behind. Tonight they were rarely first to the puck, they did not support each other and just did not look hungry.
Steelers on the other hand really wanted it. They looked much more like the Steelers of old. Devils did not give them the respect they deserve and Steelers punished them for it. That was 2 periods of pure complacency and one period of proper Devils hockey.
We need 3 periods of Devils hockey tomorrow.


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Dodged a major bullet there. Steelers missed quite a few gilt edged chances. They could easily have scored 8 and I wouldn’t have said that was unfair.

Fingers crossed we benefit from their wasted efforts and get over the line tomorrow. Should be a great atmosphere
Well just 1 goal between us. Really thought at one point the season was over but we can still do this. We have become so used to winning that emotions seem to unravel when things don't go all our own way. This is our team, they battled tonight & & I will be there tomorrow screaming them on. Regarding the comment 'replace them all', you seriously want to replace Joey Martin? There will be changes, lets discuss that in the off season. For now,just focus on game tomorrow.
Bit ott don't you think? Too many passengers and gas the whole team, but we are equal points at the top of the league with Belfast.
Load of b******s there are players on our team I would never like to see playing against us, 2 maybe 3 changes at most needed imo.
There’s a load of players I wouldn’t want player for us tho

jimmy snels

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becoming embarrassing reading on here at the minute. its just arguing between full blown happy clappers where nothing is ever wrong and people who seem to find the most over the top faults with any and everything. what happened to attack the post not the poster? and why cant people seem to give any actual reasoning for thinking every player is underperforming?


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Wow! What a comeback! At one point it really looked like it was game over but once again this team proved me wrong. I’m happy with a goal deficit - hopefully the third period Devils team show up for three periods tomorrow.

Did anybody else catch the commentators discussing how both teams should use their time out to discuss what to do during an empty net scenario? or perhaps I misheard...


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Orrrdeeeeerrrrrrrrr ORRRRRRDDDDERRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!! (As Mr Bercow would say)!

Would the right honourable Gentlemen and Ladies please refrain from personal insults and underhanded comments !


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Replace all of the players? Did I miss something and we finished in the bottom two? I thought, despite last week's disappointment, we finished on the same number of points as the champions. Hardly the disaster people are making out on here.
It’s the manner in which we have lost some games, gives the impression of inconsistency, it’s not it’s just a team not fully in the same mindset.