Devils Vs Steelers - 6 & 7 Apr 19 -Play Off Quarter Finals

jimmy snels

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I am pretty sure he made a gloating gesture at the time. Can't comment on his conduct in respect to the mosey incident after the event. However, he went on to commit other equally cowardly actions on other players, including multiple cross checks to the back of a players head whilst he lay on the floor.

Let's put it this way, he doesn't feature on my Christmas card list!

I don't fully expect it will happen, but maybe having Louis making a clear offer early on (that all the crowd can see) will give us a psychological boost. If he accepts the offer, I am pretty sure big Lou will teach him a thing or two about the art of combat. If he declines the offer, he will have to do it openly which will make him look a coward (which he is) in front of thousands of people.

After that, he clearly has a problem with his temperament so we need to check and niggle him at every single opportunity (within the confines of the rules), and I am pretty sure we can prompt reaction which will put Panthers at a disadvantage.

EXACTLY how i see it. good post