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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    3-0 period so far and there’s still 8 minutes left... Nottingham are looking strong defensive wise and also look as though they have a lot more goals in them.
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    Ticket for this evening.

    Sounds great! I’ve PM’ed you :)
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    Ticket for this evening.

    Sorry - I didn’t notice the time! I am definitely interested. Where is the seat?
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    Ticket for this evening.

    Is this still available?
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    Steelers game

    Hi - asking for my brother (and I know it’s a long shot) but does anyone have any single tickets available for tonight’s game? Thanks in advance :)
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    Devils v Flames - 28 Dec 19 - League

    What a game! A lot of our players are on fire at the moment - and the atmosphere was top class. Can someone remind me what the rule is for DOPS reviews on an injury? Website says “DOPS review all Major penalties automatically, along with any incidents of body contact resulting in an injury.”...
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    Shirt framing

    Thank you all - really appreciate it
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    Shirt framing

    Hi all, asking on behalf of my brother - Can anyone recommend somewhere / someone to frame a signed shirt? Thanks in advance
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    Blaze vs Devils - 22 Sept 19 - CC

    Hogarth and Thompson last night. Pering and Darnell tonight
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    Blaze vs Devils - 22 Sept 19 - CC

    Hard to believe the same team was beating top CHL teams only two weeks ago...
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    Belfast v ausburger

    I agree it could have gone either way but I thought the goal should have been given. The tv footage wasn’t clear enough to show the point in which the puck made contact with the stick - so the on ice call should have stood. Perhaps the referees have access to a different angle or a slower replay?
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    Belfast v ausburger

    Feel really sorry for Belfast tonight - they deserved the win in my opinion but to take a team like that to overtime is amazing. This Belfast team looks really good though and I can’t wait to see them in our barn. Wronka is a beauty to watch and Reddox has been unlucky not to get a goal so far.
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    How important is the CHL

    I know someone has already said it Just wow. Belfast are looking great - what an awesome first period.
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    Steelers webcast

    Wow! That’s a very steep price! Being a regular webcast customer to all the away games I hope all teams don’t follow in their footsteps because that’s too steep a price I couldn’t justify spending unfortunately. Possibly having to raise their webcast fee to cover the overspend on the team....
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    Parking pre Season

    That’s a real shame about the WH car park as I’ve always parked there. I hope the Devils can sort something out - toys r us will be fine for pre-season but as soon as the season starts I don’t think it will be near enough. Not sure if this is a Devils decision or a Council one but it will just...