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    The Devils did not fight tooth and nail to keep Hotham, it was a take it or leave it . No negotiation , so as i said to Wannabe last week and i'll say it again , the Devils didn't really want him back
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    Those not coming back

    I don't believe the Devils wanted Hotham back
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    I can tell you that Hotham will not be back and that's a fact. When that will be announced, i'm not sure . A little less sure of Strachan but sources tell me he's not coming back either. I can't comment on Louis and Fournier
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    You hit the nail on the head, Hotham and Strachan are gone, Paris already is gone and Louis and Fournier are or were iffy at one point after the season so there's a chance that the only 2 returnees playing D next year are Ritchie and Reddick . If in fact that is true then there's some very...
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    Players signing elsewhere - Elite Prospects snooping

    I think you're reading way too much into this. All players unless you've re-signed or going into the second year of a 2 year deal are always looking to see if there is interest from a better league and to see if there's a better financial package available to them. Players don't use EP to get...
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    Team GB Selection

    You're right , it is a catch 22 . I think with Rutkis he can't/won't climb any higher in the lineup for this year unless injuries happen because it's too deep into the season however, if the Devils win the title in the next week or so, I can see him getting a little more ice until the playoffs...
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    Team GB Selection

    Because players are on a team doesn't mean they " deserve to play or deserve more icetime". It comes down to results . Now let's look at both of the players you speak of, Josh Batch is a good player but personally he hasn't been the power forward he was before the injury. Before the injury he...
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    Devils v Giants - Sun 4 Mar 2018 - Challege Cup Final - FO 6pm - Chat/Udates

    It's incredible that you so called fans start pointing fingers at individual players when the team loses. Joey Martin gets blamed ? Andrew Hotham had too many giveaways, Bowns should have had one or 2 goals back. Tell me where would those players be without those 3 over the last 4 years ? Here...
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    Short handed goals

    The umbrella and the 1-3-1 are essentially the same with the top 3 forming the umbrella, how or where you place the other 2 players dictates whether it's a 1-3-1 or not. The Devils play a mixture of both . Often on the one PP unit you'll see Martin or Ullmer off the side of the net which isn't...
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    Short handed goals

    Almost all teams use the umbrella style of PP so I don't necassarily agree with that being the reason why the Devils have the amount of shorties against. You'd have to dig deeper than just saying it's because they use the "umbrella". Did they have this many last year using the same system ...
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    Steelers V Devils - Wed 31 Jan 2018 - C Cup Semi Final 1st Leg - FO 7:30 - Chat/Updates

    With the recent showings the result is not totally surprising. They've been trending this way for a couple of weeks. Can they come back, sure but it's a tough climb. Surprising the emotional roller coaster some of you posters get on here and glad that the players aren't on that bandwagon ...
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    Cardiff Devils v Nottingham Panthers - Sun 7 Jan 2018 - League - FO 6pm - Chat/Updates

    It's only hard to get my head around you thinking that a coach would look at the PP as more important than making sure his team " finishes their checks". A coach is responsible for all aspects of the game and they are all important. Most importantly , being on a "tight leash" as you've said is...
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    Cardiff Devils v Nottingham Panthers - Sun 7 Jan 2018 - League - FO 6pm - Chat/Updates

    Not angry at all, just amazes me that you would even suggest "that he doesn't seem to like doing it" The statement makes no sense .
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    Cardiff Devils v Nottingham Panthers - Sun 7 Jan 2018 - League - FO 6pm - Chat/Updates

    It was probably one of the most boring game to watch in quite some time. You say that "it's not in Lord's makeup to initiate the physical stuff as a coach ". Really ? You can't be serious ? Then who's job is it ? It is the coach's job 100% and his responsibility to get his players to "finish...