Zemgale Jelgava Vs Devils - Conti Cup - 18th Nov 23 - FO 16:00 (15:00 UK)


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Decent performance again tonight. I wouldn't say there was a huge difference between this game and the one we lost. Things fell our way a bit more this afternoon. The D still looked a bit shaky, as in the collective D. Coughing up the puck behind our own net, cheaply is always going to hurt. I've never seen a Devils team look so vulnerable after we've scored. It's a strange one. The same as Manchester. We score, they score. Just need a minute or two of consolidation.

I haven't seen any zone time stats but from my perspective the game felt much like the first but we were more clinical. Ully and Crandall seem to be coming into their own and bossing the game with good possession. Two key players for us, so it's nice to see them finding some form.

The home team tonight will be a different proposition. They aren't really offering a great deal but I can imagine them stepping up tonight so it wont be easy. Some unhappy locals last night who will be demanding a lot more.

Good work lads. One more to go.