Standing Area


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Not the best view no, but there's nowhere else to put it. Can't put it in 3/4/5/6 and turf all the STs out. I can't think of any standing area at any sports stadium that has a good view. That's not the point of them.

Another option would be to move the away block to the adjacent corner, block 17 by zamboni door?

Is it a cause for concern that it's right next to the away block during CHL? I have no idea how many Frolunda fans we're expecting, and they probably be won't any trouble, but European hockey isn't always the family friendly sport it is here. If we had a standing block next to the Davos fans a few years ago they might have kicked off.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the Davos fans, but it would need proper segregation like they have at their rink.


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Didn’t make the Coventry game last weekend. Don’t know any of the chants, but I’m going to give the standing block ago this weekend, even if it’s just to make some noise.
I will be trying the standing block tomorrow also. Was gonna move last week but changed my mind at the last second. No way am I missing the experience this week


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First time seeing the Standing Block at the Storm game recently. Got to applaud the club. They had a whiff of a suggestion from the fans and took a lesson from the CHL experience and in a matter of day’s were trying a standing block. Credit to those involved for making it happen. Even if it was a total disaster The Club have taken the initiate to try it. Fantastic.
As for the standing block itself... incredible. Definitely not my cup of tea and I’ll never be seen there but each to their own. I thought those fans were superb. The atmosphere was amazing. Thank you to those stood up (and others making a noise around the rink). Absolutely first class. It looks and sounds superb.
The "allez" song/chant seems to have really caught on with the whole rink already, just with drummers both ends they really need to stay in time with each other, othwise it does get a bit messy


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The "allez" song/chant seems to have really caught on with the whole rink already, just with drummers both ends they really need to stay in time with each other, othwise it does get a bit messy
I always thought it was the way that the sound travelled.

But now that the drummers have split and i'm smack bang between them both (block 9, center ice line) it's difficult to follow a chant!

However that's not a knock on the drummers at all - obviously if a chant starts in block 13, block 3(?) drummer picks it up and drums when he hears, so to all those around block 3 it probably sounds like they're in perfect sync. And vice versa if a chant starts in 3.

I'm pretty sure it sounds different for everyone in the rink but i have no doubt they ARE in rhythm (they know what they're doing!!!)


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Quick question, those flags look quite big, when the games on are they put down during play? If not how can people stood behind the flag wavers watch the game?


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Just a thought and before I get jumped on I hope Bl13 (or similar) standing remains

But the atmosphere it generates is not spreading evenly around the arena. The problems of Bl13 being heard in some parts of the arena, the issue with drums being out of sync etc. have been rehearsed on here. Whilst I have no doubt these issues will resolve themselves over time an interesting scenario is on the horizon

So, to my thought - Bl13 is not available on October 19th so everyone will be back in their original seats. I just wonder if pockets of Bl13ers around the arena might not help the chants spread properly as opposed to piecemeal as at present. If so this would be great before BL13 is, I hope, reinstated.

When Bl13 is reinstated, it will be restarting with a solid base of fans will be on their way to knowing the chants and will be better able to sync across the arena


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Lord has tweeted on twitter that all fans are equal and by no means the players favour block 13 over anyone else.

He has asked all fans to stay humble and appreciate what we have here at Cardiff as it’s a good thing.
I’m not on Twitter so haven’t seen what’s led to Lord having to say that. Has our coach seriously had to issue a statement because some of our fans are offended at not being waved at by the team?!
That's basically it yes. The players did the Bownsy wave with Block 13 and also did a victory lap around the ice.

A handful of people are upset that they missed out on the wave. I'm not making this up either although I honestly wish I was.