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Does anyone else think the build-up to this weekend's massive game has been a bit subdued? There has been very little build up to the game coming out of the Devils camp on facebook, twitter or the website, no articles on walesonline, no real hype going into the game at all. Is it red out the rink on Sunday? Any news on Chris Frank? I'm hoping for a massive crowd and massive atmosphere on Sunday and just hope the word is getting out to all casual supporters to ensure we have both.

jimmy snels

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i agree mate it all seems very subdued. ud think the club would be hyping this to death as its the last game of the season to make some dollar and last chance to win some silverware. id have released statments all week, a player signing (if there has been one), franks injury, red out the rink..... there's three stories right there where you could get some word out there.


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The club have been a bit quiet your right.

On the Red out the rink front surely its we the fans who call for the Red out the rink.. we don't need permission or anything. Lets red out the rink !


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Skippy I agree but as Jimmy said it does quite have the same effect when not everyone knows about and therefore only some of crowd do it. We need a full house and as many people as possible in red.


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I guess it's been about wooing sponsors for next year this week more than promoting this game. I just hope we get a good turnout.
Agreed. This is one of the things that frustrates me most about being a fan, lack of info, hype for big games etc. No news on "The tank" will he play, won't he play, maybe it's 50/50 but can't someone let us know at least? (I think he will miss both games this weekend personally)

Spot-on about the red out too, not everyone reads here so not everyone will be aware. Only having 40% red won't quite have the same effect.
Spread the word!


There is an article on WO that briefly mention he's ok to play both games next weekend. Dunno if it's badly phrased or he's missing this weeks games.
he has sprained MCL which I think is Medial collateral ligaments?

The Medial Collateral Ligament is the large ligament on the inside of the knee that links the thigh bone and the shin bone. Damage to a ligament is referred to as a sprain, and depending on the severity of the injury it is classified as first, second or third degree:

A first degree sprain is damage to only a few ligament fibres.
A second degree sprain is damage to a more extensive number of ligament fibres, but the ligament remains intact.
A third degree sprain is a complete rupture of the ligament. Because of the force involved in this injury other structures in the knee, such as the Meniscus (Cartilage) or the Anterior Cruciate Ligament can also be damaged.


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I thought she was in Australia. Didn't think she had parted ways with the club.

Would potentially be awkward with her husband being the coach.