Frölunda vs Devils - 8 Oct 19 - CHL

Very easy to call out Pope for an error on their first goal (which I’m personally not - don’t think he was helped by the pass to him or the player skating across him) but surely as a balanced, non negative fan then you’d also have to praise his role in Martin’s goal.


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I think Devilsatw could be saying "told you so" if score carries on like this but come on, still a whole period to go and we've come back before in the third period.
I think Devilsatw could be saying "told you so" if score carries on like this but come on, still a whole period to go and we've come back before in the third period.
It’s not the told you so part it’s just being real. Frolunda are really good and we are bodys short.

I think there’s only one outcome sorry.

I didn’t chuck £50 on a bet if I wasn’t confident. 6 plus goals and Frolunda to win by 2 or more.
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To get this thread back on track, at least it wasn’t 10! Thought we fought hard until the third, but then their quality shone through. Bring on next week


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Frolunda's speed was tremendous. What was their injury situation? Our penalty trouble didn't help... can't do much when so much time is spent defending. Credit to the Devils for scoring a couple of goals against arguably one of the best teams in Europe.

Next week at home hopefully will be a cracker if there are players back from injury and the Guys are not too exhausted from the two domestic games prior to that.


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Frölunda are obviously so much better and playing a different game but I was disappointed with some of our defensive play tonight. Bowns was unbelievable in the first two periods and saved us from even more of a hammering. But for me, we gave them far too much respect and were way too passive in our end. Time and time again, we allowed them to skate unmolested through the middle of our defensive zone without laying a finger on them. I hope next week we get some more bodies back, and at least have a go. Play the body, rough them up a bit, make sure they know they’ve been in a game and if we still get badly beaten, so be it.


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defensively the weaknesses exposed in the league of size, position and strength were ruthlessly exploited. To be honest bowns might want a couple back but on D were just werent good enough.
It's never going to be easy when we're down a couple of players, but when your passes don't go to the tape and you don't clear the zone first time you'll have problems. Even if, as seems likely, we end up 3rd, the devils will have met their aim of at least causing some surprises.
I think devilsatw is getting stick for no reason on this particular thread, he felt frolunda would win comfortably against us and put a bet on that and has been proved right.

Anyway I thought the Devils played really well despite the score line, they were just up against the best team in Europe, still massively gutted I'm missing next Tuesday's return game, whatever happens the Devils can be proud of their efforts and we're down 2 key imports too