Frölunda vs Devils - 8 Oct 19 - CHL


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A lot more realistic than your exceedingly brief one liner stating a 7-0 loss with no supporting substance! (negativity at its finest). Do you actually want us to win whenever we play ???
I do want us to win but I’m a realist. Have a look at my last 3 predictions I predicted a 7-2 home win against storm 5-2 against clan and something else..
I’m miles off so ignore me
Looking forward to watching tonight game, win or lose(even though it feels like a bit of a sideshow) I like the CHL, if we've been holding players back to get them fit for this game then it's good we'll have a full team to put out but they won't be match fit so we have to remember that too.


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It looks like Lucas Raymond (likely top 3 NHL draft pick in 2020) will be on the 1st line for frolunda today. Fingers crossed that bownsie can do a jack Hughes on him.


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Hell of a test tonight. But anything can happen in 60 minutes. Frolunda aren’t invincible but they’ll be keen to get their first win at home in the CHL this season.

More so than ever we need to stay out of the box. And we’ll need every single man to have a blinder. I have no idea what’s going to happen. But who would’ve thought we’d be in this position - let’s finish the job.


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Looks like Riley and McNamee still out (according to Aaron Murphy's notes), so the task is even harder. I'm getting fed up with this run of injuries.


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Could have waited till end of game and then vented your spleen maybe not straight after goal.

It's almost like you want them to lose so you can say "Told you so"