Devils Vs Steelers - 6 & 7 Apr 19 -Play Off Quarter Finals


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I think we'll be ok, a factor for me is which Jackson whistle turns up in both games??, the one that played in their 5-4 win who shut us down and didn't give many rebounds or the one that hasn't completed a single game when we've played them in the Viola, personally I hope its the 2nd one


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That's a very aggressive game face - first shift you'll likely be going in the penalty box :)

Ok, I'm going Steelers 3 Devils 3
then on Sunday, Devils 5 Steelers 2

We gonna need to be aggressive, trying to be a team full of Crosby wannabes only works if you have his skill set. It’s not time to play fancy pants hockey, it’s time to cause a shit storm.

I’m going Steelers 3 Devils 2

Then Sunday we bring it back even, go into OT loss, l hope I’m wrong, very wrong.


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It depends on what team turns up.
We play to our ability then only giants can really stop us.

Otherwise as we all know anyone beats us
He got thrown out for spearing. Penalty was for tripping. Seems like a joke decision to me. Didn't see any spear on replay at all.