Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League


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That team is absolutely pathetic!
Pelech did what he wanted all night along with Farnham. Our tactics and pp were embarrassing. And I’m sorry to say this as last year he was amazing but linglet got to go home don’t care if he has kids and partner here we can’t go on like this. Enough is enough.
After the 4th the whole side gave up. Only Dixon and Batch can come out of that with any degree (however small) of dignity. And maybe McNamee

That being said I don’t know what I’m more frustrated by: the officiating, the drop passes, the lack of anybody tonight willing to put down a marker (would normally rely on Louis to sort some of their lot out), or the theatrics on here. Some people obviously expect creative players to throw as bigger hit as a huge D man or it’s not enough. Players obviously don’t care unless they finish every game bleeding.

Our trouble this season IMO is that we simply don’t pull the trigger enough, and don’t have anybody in front of net enough. A few times tonight the puck was put across the crease and nobody close enough to make any impact. Sometimes the creative players create, but there’s nobody willing to gamble or take a shot.

And I can’t stand Giants....generally
One word for the devils team and management crap you have got it all wrong with the signing of players this year , and resigning playets from last season i might get stick from fellow followers but lord you have messed up and please come out and accept it we are no were near than last years team if other teams can sack players why cant you and todd it sucks seeing so many players out on the ice not pulling their weight for the club and badge .
Hmm what can I say? Devils totally out played tonight. Players constantly Slow at passing, & not enough hustle by a long shot. Players taking ages to get down the ice and nobody racing to get into position to support. The result= Devils pinned to the boards & an easy time defending for the Giants. The Devils power play a total shambles too, no coordination whatsoever. Either they're taking way too long to pass/shoot or they rush & do something out of desperation. Also the Devils seem to forget about the need to screen goalies.
Only 75 per cent of games left, 1 or 2 points between the top 4 ?
In all this doom you do have a very valid point.
It’s still all to play for & too early to predict the end of season results.
The next few weeks & into the New Year will be interesting. Will questions bring change or will we just make do with the current squad. Is there a budget to bring in better players. Is the available player knowledge sufficient to ensure the right players come in, is coaching skills sufficient enough to turn the slump around. Will current guys dig down or will player/staff relations deteriorate.
Lords had it relatively easy in the first few years, opposition has been dire at times, new rink, new owners and large player budget. It’s these slumps that coaches earn their money and reputation, it’s also when it breaks them........


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Bit of a shit show this weekend & we got lucky just to get a point.
Giants beat us to nearly every loose puck all weekend, they out muscled us for the majority of the time & knew exactly how to play us but more importantly how we would play & how we wouldnt change style.

Too many fancy passes in our own D, useless passing as se try to break out, trying to dance around defenders in the opposition zone & score a worldy goal but failing miserably.

Our PP was bad! Again too many fancy passes, nobody infront of the keeper making it hard to stop shots & just cycle cycle cycle behind the net. Easy to defend when you have quality players like the Giants do.

I have to say i dont see the point of Riley right now. What did we bring him in for? Hes not the only one not performing but i just dont see what he brings to the team.

There has to be some change somewhere to turn things around. We know that we arent going to boot a player or 2 as thats not Lords thing, he said so on a podcast 2 years ago or more. That then leaves Lordo changing his game plan or style, will he do that? Unlikely id say. So the last option is carrying on as we are hoping that players get back into form & start winning but how long will that take & where will we be in the league at that point?

Dixon, Batch, Ritchie had a good weekend & others need to buck up & show some willingness to do more than they are right now.