Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League


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If we're going for a split weekend then losing last night gave us a point and a lot more motivation to win tonight. Lets see if it spurns on the team.

It's Nov and the way the league's going we all could be in the same bout in Feb for I care. At least every other team will be still in the mix.


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after seeing the playback. i got to admit its the right call. and id even go as far as saying it was a dirty play. if it was the other way around we would be up in arms. i have no complaints right call.
I think he’s lucky to get away with just 2 for that, an incredibly dangerous play near the boards.


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Marjamaki banned for 2 games. Looked pretty clear cut on the video, no complaints. I’m not even sure we’ll notice that he’s not playing.
No complaints here either although the other slew foots (feet?) this season have gained only a one game rest....

Strange game last night, unlike others I though Belfast were as good as I have seen a team this season.... for 45 minutes, then they seemed to switch off and we took full advantage. We badly need to get our big guns firing, too many players are trying to do it all themselves.
I don't regularly post on here - and I'm never certain that my analysis is anywhere right - so I tend to be very careful in what I say.

However, I must admit to being frustrated with last night - so I need to spill some thoughts!

For the 1st and 2nd period I was hugely impressed with the Giants' (to steal a basketball term) 'full court press'. Forwards 1 and 2 were prepared to go beyond the goal line to engage on the forecheck - and F3 was always between the dots as a minimum. There are aggressive forechecks - but that was something else entirely. Coupled with that - their d-men were then hugely aggressive on the pinch down the walls taking away easy outs and turning over pucks in our defensive zone. They were essentially suffocating us.

I wonder whether Keefe will be kicking himself this morning (hindsight being a wonderful thing) that Belfast surrendered that initiative in the 3rd by going to a trap and allowing our defence men time to wheel, carry the puck and make a play.

If the Giants implement the same game plan tonight as they did in the 1st and 2nd, the Devils defensemen need to move the puck far quicker - with quick ups - to try and negate the forecheck. This is turn means there needs to be better puck support from the forwards (particularly the wingers) to allow the quick ups. I would only really trust Fournier to carry the puck and break the forecheck - but even he could do with moving the puck quicker on occasions.

The 'up side' of this is - if the Devils make this adjustment and avoid the heavy press forecheck - there is a huge opportunity to create more 3 on 2 and 2 on 1 odd man rushes. I'd like to think we'll have far more scoring chances tonight.

As I say - just my analysis. Could be completely wrong.




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They were all over us like a rash for 40-50 minutes, completely outplayed, outworked and smothered us and we couldn’t cope with it. I’d be amazed if they have a different game plan tonight. For 2.5 periods, I was very impressed with Belfast and sat there wondering how the hell they’ve lost so many games recently. I think they intimidated us too, you had Pelech doing pretty much what he wanted, Farnham gobbing off to our bench and well, being Farnham (!) and the game should have been won. Then they stopped playing! I’d imagine Keefe was fuming after that third period. We need a reaction tonight and I’d like us to set the tone from the off. Unfortunately, we never seem to and start every game on the back foot.
Last night we showed we are to old and to slow on times. We can't cope with teams who've got speed and youth as we've shown playing Dundee and Guildford. Belfast are to aggressive for us to cope with , some of our players have been here a season to long. We quite rightly let ulmer and mo go in the summer, and we're probably to scared to let any more of team go as we never want to make to many changes season to season . Now we've come to a point where we need to sign a lumberjack come April , to cut out so much dead wood in this years team. I don't want to see anyone lose their jobs , but feel we need a change or two as to many players are miss firing. Why we are not using batch on d permanently I've no idea, he's good enough on 5 on 3 or 4 on 3 pk so why is he up front 4 th line ? Can't be doing his chances of making GB next summer any good
Liam Sewell is an ex Hull player so should have some grasp of the game.
I dont believe Pering has been a problem for us.
Another factor last night i thought was their discipline especially after seeing the Marjamaki incident.
The refs making the call quickly stopping any afters.

hip check

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This is the same team virtually that did so well in the CHL and I think since the regular season started we've been off the boil a bit, the last 15 mins last night showed we can win big games. We were 2nd best for most of last night's game but I'm sure we've got more gas in the tank and we were looking more likely to get that winning goal in o/t imo, we have players playing a bit hit and miss atm but I think it will improve.
Let's get behind the boys for this afternoon's game.


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What an absolute load of crap this post is. Benti is struggling for form right now (still not right after injury) but he’d be top 6 for every other team in the league for sure.
Disagree, maybe two seasons ago, at a push, now he’s one season too far.

A massive Devils player who deserves respect for his achievements, his attitude, loyalty and all round nice guy. Unfortunately every loyal dog needs to be put down, to avoid further suffering, l fear that time was this year.


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Darnell is stood by the goal when we scored and said it didn’t go in!! This is terrible officiating. Good goal is called after being reviewed but it shouldn’t have been reviewed it was so obvious.

Devils playing well though