Devils v Steelers


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All talk no substance is it? Thought U’d given up on us and no more games till we gas the lot of them, lovely to see you don’t mean what you say
Think you have misread his message ! He is clearly not going, hence his kind offer of his ticket. Can’t remember him saying ’gas the lot of them” ( apologies if I missed that ) I’ve already got rid of my ticket too as I haven’t enjoyed the past few games.
If this game can’t get you excited. Seriously.

The Devils have a point to prove, Sheffield will be expecting a response. Lords gonna be tested on the bench, the team is going to need it’s A game.

Win, it’ll be a great game.

Loose it’ll be great too as it’ll hopefully be so embarrassing, it’ll be funny to read on here and social media & hopefully questions will need to be answered, previous sweeping statements will need to be proven by their actions, by all involved.
Make or break tonight. The last couple of seasons we’ve dominated Sheffield by jumping on them from the first shift and keeping our foot on their collective throats! Getting a good lead in the first period and never letting up!
We’ll find out more about this team in the next 4 hrs than we have in the last 4 weeks!
1-1 after one. Another slow start by the devils and Steelers deservedly took the lead. We fall 1-0 behind way too often at home. It’s what you deserve when you start games as off slowly as we have this season.
1-1 Enjoyable first period! Physicality back in Cardiff at last!

Lordo needs a word with Jardine, his penalty count is getting ridiculous now!

Their PP looks really good and they move the puck with a lot of speed. Obvious to anyone that pays attention that Dowd
Is their go to man shooting from the wing. Need to be a bit quicker getting on him it blocking that lane.
Beats the hell out of me why people want a close game tonight.
I want us to play some great, fast, hard nosed hockey and give them a pasting!
I’ll never get tired of sticking 7 on them!!,
That's the spirit!

Bloody hell. Nottingham doing us a favour for a change too. Currently 3-0. Some bonkers results this season.
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Strong Steelers team? No thanks, we all watched them dominate for far too long and l'm in no rush to watch them winning everything domestically again.

Close game yes, but the way we are playing right now l don't see it. Can't see us turning over the yorks this Saturday although l'll be delighted to be proven wrong.
Consider me a delighted devil :)
The Steelers had done their homework on Jardine and were trying to wind him up all through the game with plenty of success. Felt the forwards protected the D a lot better tonight and barring the first period, we looked more assured and up for it than in previous weeks. I hope the slump is over but will need to see us put a few more wins together to be convinced. Lord's gameplan seemed to me to be strong and I really enjoyed the game. Must say, Fournier was unbelievable tonight. Best game I've seen him have. He didn't even need to resort to skating past the entire team to score coast to coast. Great atmosphere all night and I for one am happy to have a proper competitive steelers team back. So much better for the league. Enjoy the win DevNation!