Devils v Steelers


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So we are minus Sointu, and Steelers will be without Davies suspended, and Vallerand one game suspensio. We need this game big time, would love to give these guys a hiding.
If the team can't be up and ready to go Saturday questions must be asked . It's not just a game the players need to win, it's also needed for our fans to have something to cheer about . Come on guys lets have some checking and defending. Entertain us for a change
Strong Steelers team? No thanks, we all watched them dominate for far too long and l'm in no rush to watch them winning everything domestically again.

Close game yes, but the way we are playing right now l don't see it. Can't see us turning over the yorks this Saturday although l'll be delighted to be proven wrong.


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I would much prefer to beat a strong Steelers team, as to beating a weak one. My one wish though would be to see us come out banging from the get go, knock them about, show them that coming here ain’t healthy, then put the biscuit away regulary. Think the game will either be a blast, or a damp squid, it’s certainly going to be rammed, over to you block 13, show us the way.


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Devils 4 Steelers 1, 2 fights, 36 hits and a real niggly game. Old time hockey returns to Cardiff and a night to remember. Crowd do a standing ovation at the end. That game was worth every penny is the common quote, love it.
Anyone bold enough to put a prediction out there ???? I'll go for :-

Devils (Turn up team) 4 Steelers 3

Devils (Don't Turn up team) 1 Steelers 6
If we turn up devils 3-2 steelers

If we don't steelers 8-3 devils

I see this as a make or break situation for the team we have to be firing all on cylinders for this as the steelers actually have a solid team this season *and I hate saying that*


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The Steelers have Vallerand and Davies temporarily out. Makes no difference... not only are they still winning games but their coach has proactively addressed weaknesses on their team. Along with Giants the Steelers will be a top 2 team this year. Let's not kid ourselves.


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Steelers with a 64% win, Devils with a 70 % win percentage, so why do people go for 8-3 Steelers, 6-1 Steelers, if we don’t show up, Jesus. Steelers are only 4 points ahead of us, and we have 4 games in hand. We will take this game defo, and show these Dickinsons real deal tango mudders that they ain’t there yet. Time to show up guys, let’s do this, let’s win the fight, let’s win the battle, and let’s send these pretenders home battered and bruised.