Cardiff Devils v Sheffield Steelers - Sat 7pm - Chat/Updates

Holl_5 said:

I understand Sami's point of view completely. I'd rather play a Devils team without Smith and Voth as they're 2 main threats. Dowd was or main threat last season but from pre-season he's either unfit or injured as his ice time was much less!

But if Basiuk's fit I'm sure he'll be targeting Smith's shoulder anyway... ;)

Gaz said something interesting yesterday (which made a change :lol:) that being a forward short we'll probably find just the right line combinations that click and that will kick start our season.

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Thanks Hol :lol: I don't care how we win, but i'd rather win when Sheffield are full strength ofcourse, than be down players, lose and say "we tried hard - thats all that matters".....

Looks like we are down more players than expected....let's hope that flu has spread through the steelers team!! :lol: ;)
Hey. (first post!)

Nobody's posted it yet as far as I can see, but it looks like we're missing Voth for the next five games, and Birbraer, Romfo and Hartwick for Saturday's game. :cry:
Shurms is a big lad, likely to make a few decent hits and very capable of picking out pin-point passes to stretch forwards...... or just clearing the zone when needed.

Nice to see Corey back in action too, he will be well up for his first game back.
Yeah - crazy result in Hull. I know they had 2 players banned, but still. Plenty of goals tonight - Blaze winning 5-4 v Belfast and Nottingham 3-2 up against Newcastle.

And now it's 5-5 in our game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn it - if we'd hung on for a 5-4 win, Steelers would have been bottom of the league :lol:

Whatever happens now, Devils have done amazingly well considering the players missing. Looks like the ENL players really stepped up to the mark and everyone gave 100% all night. Can't ask for more than that.
Respect to all the team. Now we wait for the people who were there to come home and post there review and make me jealous as hell that I couldn't make it!


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couldnt get to tonights game sounds like i missed a cracker a BIG well done to all the guys and all the fans who went we support our team all the way. sounds like every player gave 150% and carried on fighting for the puck even when we were behind in the game. the guys certainly seem to have a determind team spirit this year thats why we are THE CARDIFF DEVILS