Cardiff Devils v Guildford Flames - 10/01 @ 19:30 - CC QF - Chat/Updates


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Where’s Myers penalty kill shift on the highlights?!?!!!

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It's always the goal scorers get the plaudits for their important contribution. Often, other pivotal plays just get overlooked.

But Matthew's epic shift not only showcased his skill and style, it set the tone, galvanised the team and gave them a bit of breathing space. It was a huge episode in the game, enjoyed and appreciated by the crowd.


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Seeing that it's not often we all praise the team for a performance, that game brought me back to the first hockey games I used to watch and thoroughly enjoy. We've had amazing games in the club history but for a team to stand out who are already in a top position makes a a confident statement of intent. Awesome Hockey.

And games like that only happen if both teams turn up, great seeing another quality edition to the elite league for Guildford.

Todd If the Myers play looks on the screen as it did on the night , please play it before Guildford step onto the ice Sunday.