Cardiff Devils v Guildford Flames - 10/01 @ 19:30 - CC QF - Chat/Updates


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Come on you beauties, let’s destroy these pretenders, and please come out hitting, we owe these guys let’s pay them in full tonight. Okay Red Army let’s get behind our lads tonight, let’s get our gaff rocking, and send our boys thru to the Semis.


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Unfortunately it looks like MNL is a non-starter tonight because half the website is refusing to load :(

I'll keep trying, but I can't guarantee anything i'm afraid :(


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Aside from when Doug Mc used to skate around for two minutes killing penalties on his own I’m pretty certain I just witnessed one of the greatest penalty killing shifts in a long long time. Matt Myers I salute you. First period penalty kill, he worked like a dog on the boards and behind the net and then created two scoring chances and then we score two shifts later. All from Myers shift. Unreal. He could barely skate to get off the ice. Wow!

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End of the first period and it's Devils 3-0 (6-3) Flames!

Goal #1 - Morissette from Martin @ 10:41
Goal #2 - Morissette from Martin @ 16:55
Goal #3 - Asselin from Bentivoglio and Crowder @ 18:32
2nd period Flames definitely on top they came out fast and hard with alot of possession and I would guess better shots for wise Devils shutting down well while being not brilliant are getting the job done.
Two weak penalty calls from the refs one for both side but other than that you don' notice them which I.good
Professional period needed now for the Devils as flames have nothing to lose.

Defensively I'm way preferring these pairing. Louis looks like he' never been away