Cardiff Devils Flashbacks


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Love to see the guys come out to this intro, I'm sure a certain Mr Sullivan could arrange it
Nah, far too menacing for the under 4’s in the Viola - it’ll be tears everywhere! It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Tellytubbies featuring in future intros!


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I've been trying to find footage of the goal Burgy scored in the last second of OT to beat Sheffield, but no joy sadly.

That was my first ever away game - must have been early in 2005 - there were a few coaches put on as we had a "Save Our Rink" protest outside the Sheffield branch of John Lewis.

Ah the memories !
yes i was there and steelers tried to convince the ref that the puck crossed the line after the buzzer , devils were all lining up for handshakes and steelers were still complaining, comical...
I remember that Wasps game , we were in the rink for hours and I had to nip out to move my car as it was in the Car Park which closed at 11.30 !
That Season was just unbelievable ,climaxing in that incredible shoot out win at Wembley Arena ...great memories


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Remember Lilly taking some stick from some fans at the end of that season as the weak link. Evidence if ever that was far from the case. He completely gave the team a chance to win that playing behind 4 D. Great netminding.
yes lyle was awesome that game especialy the 2nd period with a few 5 on 3 plays against us with some dodgy calls on alex symonds..