Cardiff Devils drawings

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A new portrait of Joey Martin! Might be the first one I've drawn that I like in a year and a half lol
I've been drawing hockey players for 2 years as of yesterday and the amount of support I've gained has been overwhelming. This is my 123rd ice hockey drawing and I'm still getting new people looking at my pictures and the same people coming back to look at my new drawings and I just really want to thank those people for what you've done to help me grow. I've got my DTIH anniversary coming up in April so I'll try not to be too soppy before then lol. As a few people will already know, I've been bullied all through my school life (since I started primary school, and it still continues and I'm in the 6th form now), and it sort of made me feel like only my friends at the time and family would ever like me. I don't like to bring it up too often but I just want to let you know that you (and my Twitter and Instagram followers) have shown me otherwise, and I'm very thankful. Your support has been unbelievable to me as I didn't really expect DTIH to get very far lol.
Here's to many more years!
I made a YouTube video of me drawing and talking about drawing if you want to watch.