Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

I didn’t expect Chucky to be announced yet. I had prepared for him to be a one-and-done tbh. So I’m made up at his re-signing.

I would have thought the Devils would have kept him under wraps until the end of the signings, so interested to see who follows.

90-odd points last season with an injury and having to adjust to the league...push for the Ton this season! Glad to hear he enjoys Cardiff more than he thought he would - great advert for the city, the fans and the organisation.

Well done to all, the owners, club staff and Chucky for agreeing the deal.

(Too soon to negotiate an extension?)


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Five years in, there are some recurring themes in our discussion with players after each season ends. 1. I thought I’d just play here one year but I’d really like to come back. 2. I love the city and the people. 3. I’ve never been treated better at any other team I’ve been at. 4. I want to win another championship.

It’s been so nice, albeit a little challenging, that every year almost every player wants to come back. Every team needs a little turnover each year. Every team needs to improve each year. But having players of this caliber want to come back makes it so much easier and every Devils fan is a part of that formula.


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Excellent signing and certainly one I was hoping for. This guy is silky smooth, yes gets turned over from time to time but that’s what happens with hold up style players. His vision I felt was second to none in our league last season and I agree he is more of a provider of goals than an out an out scorer, but I do see him changing slightly next season i.e I think he will score more and be just a little more selfish rather than always trying to set up others to score. It was noticeable how every commentator at away games always had good things to say about his style of play, a sure sign of a great player.


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Linglet is an incredibly talented player. One of the challenges he brought was other players being able to keep up with him. I think as the season went on he adjusted his game to suit the slower league and other players stepped up also to meet his speed. Thats why we saw the best out of him towards the end of the season.
The prospect of another season with Linglet is really exciting. Most of our top two lines are now capable of playing with him and who knows who else will be brought in. I really like the way this team is shaping up.


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Bad news. Without meaning to sound insensitive at least we’ve got plenty of time to find a replacement. Would have been a disaster if this happened in September


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Gutted, one of our best players by far when he joined us back last year, let's hope he can play some sort of hockey before the end of the season or at least help out someway from the bench, Evan not the sort of player to curl up and give up, good luck Evan it must be gut wrenching for you..
It's possible that Mosey would have had insurance and this would hopefully fund him until he's recovered, but sadly Mosey's not had a great time with a broken leg, concussion and now a torn ACL.


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Very good signing for the Blaze, like others I was impressed with him. But this club would never release a player, without upgrading that player. Wish him well, Blaze have a good player there.


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On another note do the devils get any sort of compo from league for this... While playing for GB
It's an interesting question.

I'm sure the player gets some sort of compensation, but the team? It's a tough one.

Are the contracts 'technically' up until the league/POFW ends (Mid April), and then if signed to a new contract - likely August until April again?

Would he have been under any club contract at all during his time with GB? - and therefore, would the league/GB just look at it as the Devils have chosen to sign an injured player?

Interesting to see how this one works, or has worked in the past, if anyone knows :)