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For a team that has won the league for the first time in a few years they are a very angry fanbase ,they seem to enjoy arguing with everyone and anyone about any little thing,why dont they enjoy the winning of the league ,I dont think I've known an angrier set of fans.


If you look at the ratio of fans from other teams we've been forced to ban from the Inferno for ranting or trolling, Belfast fans count for more than all other teams combined


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Jealousy is a horrible thing, it can make you Green or Teal with envy. I mean we gave them the league, so did they think we were going to throw the play offs in as well. Everyone remembers the last game of the season, you know the one that the Devils beat the Giants, suck it up Belfast, you had a great team,just not good enough to beat us on play off day.
Happy Hockey Days


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I did rather enjoy pointing out that the play-off final was the decider for ‘best team in the league’, as we had the same amount of points.

Whilst I didn’t really think that (two very different things), there was some very real anger from the Belfast fans I was talking to.

I imagine they’re angry about the hit on Murphy, but it looked clean to me. I asked Aaron Murphy in the bar last night and he said it was clean, and he’d watched it lots of times.

Should be fun next year...


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I dont get them they've been angry all season and even when they won it,maybe cos they tied points and also didnt get to win it on the ice like every team and player would like but had to sit in a bar so they couldnt even win it right !!!:D:D


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I was having a civilised discussion with a Clan fan on the way back from the Salt Box last night when a random Giants fan came up alongside us and started having a right go at him about Neil Black having no ambition.

A few other Clan fans gave me similar tales at breakfast today about Giants fans.

Just enjoy your league title mun, stop being so bitter !


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They (Giants Fans) definitely need to chill .... I met a few on the weekend and they seemed totally stressed before the final!

It’s not life or death! Relax, enjoy your accomplishments this season.
For champions, their fans had a real chip on the shoulder (and many still do online/ Twitter!). Don't know why as they had a brilliant team and deservedly won the majority of the silverware this year!

I think they ironically suffer from 'little man' syndrome and feel they're always trying to prove themselves to everyone in a world out to get them.

It's more bizarre because it gives the impression they were happier to beat Devils in the league than win it?
Steve King tweeted that if the regular season is a tie, the playoff cup becomes more important as a decider.

Facebook is full of Giants fans tearing their hair out and foaming at the mouth. It's a bloody joke (and how many other owners are willing to have a laugh like that, by the way?) so grow up.


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Shes bat crap crazy, worst I've had from Belfast fans over the hit on Murphy was someone saying they'd stab me, if they really want to travel that sorta distance to stab someone for not agreeing with them they have issues lol


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imagine if theyd won nothing this season ....jeez what a happy bunch theyd be.........sooner the steelers sort themselves out and the panthers the better


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imagine if theyd won nothing this season ....jeez what a happy bunch theyd be.........sooner the steelers sort themselves out and the panthers the better
I just can't believe they're having such a melt down over losing one trophy, what happens if they win nothing next season? Are they going to start fights with everyone in the league?