Be crowned champions?


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Giants' win over Panthers tonight (and our loss against Steelers) puts the Giants top of the Erhardt Conference.

Giants and Devils had been on equal points.


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I'm sticking with one game at a time. Would love to see it as soon as possible though. A few seem to think its a sure thing but as you can see from Sunday no one is gonna make it easy for us.

Have Hope#35

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We need to Win 2 more... That figure goes down by 1 every time Manchester lose in Regulation! If it gets as far as the game against Manchester on Wed 21st then a Regulation Win against them would be enough on it's own ;)
So correct me if I am wrong but I believe we can win the league on Giants ice on Friday due to the number of regulation wins and a win would also leave us needing a point (or 2 if in OT) to clinch conference ?


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While I’d rather win the title on home ice, it would be nice to do it in Belfast and celebrate in front of their fans, just as they did to us in the Challenge Cup.


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One period, one game at a time. The Guys are professionals - they will want to get the neccessary job done as soon as possible.