2017/2018 Rumours & Offseason nonsense


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Rumours only!

If it's confirmed on a clubs website it's not a rumour! Use the signing thread that will be up and running soon.

If it's a confirmed Devils signing, use the thread HERE

If it's a confirmed signing for another club, then use the thread HERE

Let the offseason chaos commence...​
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Might as well start this off...

Based on this 'mistake' from EliteProspects, Marc LeFebvre back to Blaze...



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Might as well start this off...

Based on this 'mistake' from EliteProspects, Marc LeFebvre back to Blaze...

Either there's a big cover up, or this was a mistake, Marc has tweeted he's not coming back, Blaze have all but announced Danny as having another year and the EP website say they don't know how or who uploaded it!


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Tidbits from around the fan forums:

Finnerty to Blaze/Storm/Fife
G to Blaze/Storm/Clan

At Giants, Walser, Benedict, Vandermeer to retire
At Storm, Pacha to retire from playing

Shane Owen to Giants
Stephen Murphy to Flyers
Brian Stewart to retire....or go to another Elite League club.

The silly season has started!
Heard up in Nottingham yesterday Bordealeu, Brine and Chris Jones wont be back. Apparently Jones moving to another Elite League Club.


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I'd take all the team back but think there will be some who want to move on/possibly retire, but hoping the majority return, if the new rules come in then can see Jones possibly leaving


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Both TK and Steve have intimated there will be a few changes -- not least because of changes in Elite League roster requirements and perhaps one or two retirements/players wanting to move on.

Whilst it would be fantastic to see the entire team come back, realistically I think the Club will be mindful of strong recruitment for the CHL competition and
one eye on the upgrades/rebuilds real rival teams like Panthers and Giants are going to make.


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TK said on air yesterday that 3/4 changes.

Sounds about right to me, can't sit still even when top of the ladder.

Reading between the lines, I'd be surprised to see Bordy back. Chris Jones makes sense too, as he'd probably get more ice time elsewhere.


Hull looking to step back up to the Elite. Dundee considering if they will stay in the Elite. 3 conference league looking more likely


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There is zero chance Bordealeu will be back.

We have to lose 2 of our current Brits too.

Also, the EU rule is now gone so out recruitment need not be held back by passports. Which suits us as a very North American type team.


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I've enjoyed watching Bordy play and he's obviously great in the dressing room too but I hope we either sign an enforcer who will take no prisoners if, for example, anyone takes liberties with our goalies - which in my view has happened way too often this season without retribution - or we sign a Desbiens type player, who can still throw them with the big boys but who is a better player.
If Murdy is off, do we sign an import netminder or is there a decent replacement Brit/U-23 Brit goalie out there who needs to be capable of doing a job when called upon, as Murdy has this year? A very interesting off season but I wish the league would get its act together too, and tell the paying public what the league format is for next year.


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For me Asselin Haddad Louis and Martin l want to see signed on two year deals as a priority. Then the Hotham brothers and the assiago boys, Myers and Batch. I think whether Layne comes back though depends on his uni course or if he retires. I think all our players like it here and are looked after by the organization, so hopefully the core will be back. I also dont see Bordy playing in the EIHL next season though because of the issue with his girlfriends visa and their son. He'll be back in the AHL.