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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19

    We are going to struggle to keep Bownsy on these shores based on his performances on the World Stage this week.
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    Really hoping for a better seeding this year. To say that to Semi Finalists came out of our group shows how hard it was. I really feel that a concerted attempt to get into the knockout stages is on the cards next year
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    Devils v Steelers - Wed 7 Feb 2018 - C Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg

    Please tell me that I wasn't the only who felt that this was actually possible. Not hindsight but a genuine feeling pre-game that this was always achievable. What does that say about how good this team is
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    Bigger rink (in theory)

    The Bay is great but not linked to any good transport systems. Get that sorted and the Bay is the perfect venue. As far as size, with current ownership and momentum 4,500 is the right figure. Don't forget mind when IAW was planned the current capacity was considered the right amount so that...
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    Giants v Devils - Fri & Sat 2&3 Feb 2018 - League - FO 7pm - Chat/Updates

    Have been thinking about this after reading Twitter about fans experiences. Numbers were put around 500 making the trip over. A couple of things on this, before the takeover we were barely getting 300-400 more than that for some homes games in the BBT, how far we've come. But also, two games...
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    What a shame this is, he is currently doing a walk to raise money for a charity, his actions have managed to take the spotlight off that and put it firmly on himself (again). Why not keep his mouth shut until that was done then sort this out privately.
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    Steelers release deveraux...

    Not quite sure what they expected when they signed him to be honest. In sport there is a difference between tough and dirty, there is no place for dirty players in Ice Hockey
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    Possibly needs it's own thread away from the Fretter one. Taken from the new ruling on the incident:- Further to this, the Elite Ice Hockey League have removed Simon Kirkham as Head of the Department of Player Safety with immediate effect.
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    Colton Fretter

    Further to this, the Elite Ice Hockey League have removed Simon Kirkham as Head of the Department of Player Safety with immediate effect.
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    Colton Fretter There is no video evidence linked to this “finding” but from the rough footage I’ve seen on Twitter this outcome is as bad as the Fretter one. Lurching from one debacle to the next
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    Patrick Bordeleau

    Whilst trawling (and translating French Language websites) I have found the following:- Cool FM could lose the services of forward Patrick Bordeleau for the rest of the season. The latter was injured in the lower body on October 20 during the match against the Draveurs of Trois-Rivières. He...
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    Patrick Bordeleau

    Anyone got any idea what has happened here? Have just picked his update from Facebook:- Cool FM de Saint-Georges de Beauce, LNAH Yesterday at 01:52 · Patrick Bordeleau left the hospital today after several days of hospitalization, following the important operation he suffered.
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    Colton Fretter Full explanation
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    Colton Fretter

    It was a check into the benches that preceded it. There was another one by same Giants player in first tgat resulted in a 2+10 Fitzgerald also thrown out for check to the head in the game
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    Colton Fretter