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    Signings Thread - All Teams 2022/23

    Hook signs for Kitzbüheler EC in Alps league
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    End of Season review

    Hi all, just wondering if there is any news on a end of season review interview with Todd or Franny at some point. Be interesting to see their thoughts on the season, and also just an insight on to the reason of the coach release that late in the season. I now live in Madrid so haven't been...
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    And now it's Richie

    Season is definitely not starting, not when you allow two of the teams best players join another team. Well done Devils management for allowing this... Just waiting for the inevitable press release now
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    I know this is digging up old graves but what was the whole situation regarding Pope/Regan in regards to the shit show that happened.. I had moved from Cardiff at this time and seeing Brent wearing that stupid hat behind the bench made me wonder! If anyone can enlighten me i'd love to know
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    Bowns Departure Confirmed By Devils

    Who is out there that is a realistic replacement for Bowns.... Not that my knowledge of uk hockey/ower leagues is great but certainly wont be a brit in net for us, which if im correct will the Devils aim to sign a top brit, for example Ben Davies? I think we will look to a top European league...
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    Signing announcement

    Could be our player assistant coach!?
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    New Coach.....

    Could Cory Neilson be a contender?
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    Rumour mill

    I'm guessing it's to announce that Bowns will head to Austria
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    Behind the bench podcast

    Gazza, hope your safe & well too. One topic could be biggest pest /most hated player?
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    Spittin Chiclets

    Great podcast, listen every week . They had Theo onna while back talking about his time with BG and also Ryan Shannon and his time with MK also. You tend to find the lower league players are normally the best interviews for funny stories and dishing the dirt! Great podcast to for obviously a...
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    Hopefully not another Capitals situation!

    Saw this article in the Sheffield Star , doesn't read very well for club not the league if true.
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    Kevin Bieksa free agent

    Haha being a Canuck fan aswell I'd love him on the team Mr King! He'd be great to have in the locker room,tough style of play and that superman punch In a Devils jersey would be fantastic!
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    Kevin Bieksa free agent

    Don't know if anyone has seen the post on YouTube with After hours from last night I am assuming, interview with him about how he's a free agent and his considering Europe! Could be worth an attempt to sign home for rest of this season or definitely next , might be 37 years old but would...
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    Additional Player

    I'd like to see a player similar to mychan return, has some decent points in his last season in the echl whilst getting 142 pm on the season
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    Giants to announce new signing

    Why what did he do before left the Giants, I liked him as a player when ever I saw him play against us and from other teams highlights that I viewed.