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    Devils Vs Flames - 01 Jan 19 - League

    Did wonder if Flames were deliberately running Bownsy knowing there was a junior backup... Highlights here, love the ref cam, really gives a brilliant perspective of the action. Hopefully here to stay @Gazza272?
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    A Bit of Perspective

    I'm going to put my head above the parapet and say the slightly downbeat atmosphere on here (and at the arena) at present is less to do with results, which as the statistics prove aren't bad at all overall, and more to do with the product on offer. We undoubtedly have a hugely talented roster...
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    Devils Vs Clan - 14 Dec 18 - CC 1/4 Final

    I love the Devils, and we’ve had some great characters over the years, but does anyone else find our current brand of hockey just a bit insipid? Undoubtedly successful, and probably a reflection of where ice hockey is going, but the odd close game aside I find it all a bit boring to be honest.
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    Brexit and Ice Hockey in the U.K.

    The other side of the coin is if a player (let’s say an ex NHLer towards the end of his career) has savings in CAD or US$, then they will likely go further in the UK than at home, making it potentially more appealing to play here as a lifestyle choice for a few years.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 9 Dec 18 - League

    Looks like Batch headbutted the boards after being dragged down. Looking at the “fight”, he was the only guy to connect any punches.
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    Faryna Leaves

    Looking at clips of Tanner Glass online, he is EXACTLY the type of character I feel we need. Hard as nails, big hitter and willing to stand up for his team mates. In essence a player with a big character and tons of experience. A potential crowd favourite.
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    Advice on tickets

    Might be a good idea for a pinned thread? If everyone takes a photo from their seat on game night, it gives prospective ticket buyers a rough idea of the view from certain blocks. Regarding the view, Ben, if you're looking for a nice mix of being relatively close up AND having a good vantage...
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    Advice on tickets

    I really like the view from block 19 as you get to see the players entering the penalty box as well as watching the movements on the bench in the distance as well. I also find you get a better view of the whole ice from there. This is the view from Block 19 Row D Seat 10/11 at the Vaxjo Lakers...
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    Devils Vs MKL - 25 Nov 18 - League

    Looking at the highlights our defence were scrambling back too often. You just can’t give opposition forwards free range in this day and age. We may need to poach a defenceman from elsewhere if things don’t improve.
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    Devils Vs MKL - 25 Nov 18 - League

    Completely forgot about those two in my haste! I’d have them both in of course. Moore on the 4th line in place of Rutkis...
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    Devils Vs MKL - 25 Nov 18 - League

    I'd like to see a Faryna, Dixon and Haddad line playing this role. Plenty of scope for goals in there as well. Out of our new signings, Dixon has been my favourite by far when it comes to physicality. Are the following lines an option? Linglet Martin Pope Faryna Dixon Haddad Bentivoglio Ulmer...
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    Enlighten Me

    Just because you think someone is talking “utter rubbish” doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong. Opinions are subjective, and that’s surely the appeal of a forum, it gives people with the same passion, but maybe differeing viewpoints, the chance to discuss them. Each to their own, but life can...
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    Enlighten Me

    Thankfully sport isn't played in a vacuum though, Rich Best. You seem to be implying our players are so emotionally weak, that criticism of any sort when they are playing badly, renders the support when they are playing well as null and void. The solution you're proposing also seems to...
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    Ben Blood

    Although hugely frustrating, I'd suggest this isn't the last we've seen of Ben in a Devils shirt. A couple of years in Finland, and he'll be 31, and provided he avoids injury, still an excellent asset in this league. A great character, I wish him well!
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    Devils Vs Växjö Lakers - Tue 16 Oct - CHL

    Brilliant game, what a spectacle! Feared the worse when we went three down, especially as the atmosphere was flat, but boy did it all come together after the first couple of goals, superb entertainment. My only complaint was the officiating. I really hope ice hockey doesn’t go the way of...