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    Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League

    I don't regularly post on here - and I'm never certain that my analysis is anywhere right - so I tend to be very careful in what I say. However, I must admit to being frustrated with last night - so I need to spill some thoughts! For the 1st and 2nd period I was hugely impressed with the...
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    EIHL Highlights on Freesports

    Just to jump in on behalf of a former colleague Glynne (and defend myself a little) Gaz was always great to commentate with - fun, articulate and considered. I haven't commentated with or heard Ollie - but I have read his articles and they are always insightful. I'm sure this would translate to...
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    Andrew Lord Interview

    No problem at all Osh. My style is a bit long-winded so I'll take that criticism. Just the way my brain works - overly cautious perhaps and a desire to cover every point. Patronising? I"m disappointed if it came over as that as it wasn't the intention (but again I'll certainly take the...
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    Devils vs Panthers - 19 + 20 Oct 19 - League

    I will take that one if I may - as I think it's a very fair question. I'd also caveat everything I'm about to say with the fact that I've never played the game at any adequate standard (always a hard balance when doing commentary!) and the fact that it's probably quite obvious that I'm a huge...
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    Certain things for me... Constant talk on this forum about physicality..but it needs to be physicality with purpose. To my mind, a large proportion of Dixon's hits lead to turnovers/puck separation - I.e. we regain control of possession. For all people marvel at Charles Linglet's skills (and...
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    Just my 10p worth... I think Sointu is a superb player and I'd be delighted to keep him if possible. He's one of those guys I love because his puck management is so good and he plays a heads up, puck movement game. I appreciate he hasn't got a dynamic skating stride or a particularly lethal...
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    Behind the bench podcast it doesn't. Die Hard, Cheers and the Heineken League. Let's not mess with the DNA.
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    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

    Please feel free to call me John... No interview with me. I tweeted last week that having spoken to the coach and GM throughout the summer that things sounded extremely positive.
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    Hi Guys... Just a quick thought on Sean Bentivoglio. Not sure quite why he is suddenly considered a 3rd line guy (appreciate that other teams have upgraded). This guy has a superb hockey IQ. He sees the game better than most. He's excellent at receiving a pass in the neutral zone and...
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    Off-Season Quiz No. 1

    Last season is too difficult...basically no questions regarding the Elite League era!! Anything 86 - 97 is in my wheel house Finny!!! I was a sad, lonely child!!
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    One signing new and one returning, who?

    Blair Riley and Rick Brebant.
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    Best of the best ......

    Forward - Rick Brebant Defender - Martin Lindman Netminder - Trevor Robbins Coach - Andrew Lord Assistant Coach - Mike Blaisdell
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    More players available?

    Just to confirm that in the Q&A on NYD, Todd answered this question directly (I steal a lot from the inferno to put directly to him!!) He stated that lack of progression in the CC would have no relevance to recruiting. The Devils are actively looking but it does indeed have to be the 'right' player.
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    That's the one! Couple more OCD points from that game... John Lawless' last ever league game in charge of the Devils. That was a tumultuous Summer when Cardiff's Mr. Hockey quit to go to the Storm. Devils were so big on BBC Wales in those days that the late Bob Humphries did a feature...
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    I still have them all (and the VHS player I'm ashamed to say). Fantastic programme and rightly regarded as the best hockey highlights show ever produced. If memory serves, the first ever show covered the first league game of the 91/92 season when we beat the newly named Norwich & Peterborough...