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    Devils Programmes

    No problem they are yours.
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    Devils Programmes

    So been having a massive clear out of the attic and unfortunately it is time for the Devils Program collection to go one way or another. Going to offer it up as a job lot well over 300 including Play off Finals, Europa Cup, Lawless Testimonial. Programmes from first season right through to 1997...
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    Council to buy ice rink Bro Radio

    Posted 4 hours ago, no date.
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    Council to buy ice rink Bro Radio

    No10 is the new car park.
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    Council to buy ice rink Bro Radio

    Interesting looking at the artists impression the ice rink is much extended into the current car park Todd must have been consulted one would hope. Cardiff council is set to buy the ice rink and 10 acres of land at the International Sports Village. New details about the master plan for the area...
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    2021/22 Roster - Rumours/Predictions

    Sheffield right behind. Could very well be no vaccinations or negative test no entry.
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    Devils Logo

    Loved the All Star shirt video with Shannon and Doug,. Shine Dog mentioned the Logo and Andy McClain! With our extremely knowledgable fan base does anyone know if he/ she was the logo designer? Are there any original drawings or artwork?
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    Joey Martin interview

    Where is Joey Haddad going to camp?
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    Bownsy at Graz

    Keeper Ben Bowns was seriously injured in the knee in the game between the 99ers and Dornbirn. Ben Bowns seriously injured, 99ers have to find a new goalie Have to say that doesn’t look good to me. Hope it’s not as serious as it looks, get well soon Ben.
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    Rumour mill

    Lord signed a 5 year deal this time last year. The deal is a five-year agreement that gives Lord the option to move onto another league if the right opportunity comes up with a window after the season to pursue opportunities that may present themselves. “There is a specific time frame every...
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    Who thinks the league will complete its games

    Season over all games cancelled
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    Devils Jacket

    Cardiff Devils jacket Men's size small with built in hood to the collar, in very good condition. Hardly worn. Red, looks a little pink in the picture but it is very red.logo on left chest. Any questions give me a shout. £20
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    Play Off Finals Weekend

    Won’t be many fans home by 9am when they go on sale, I will be over the Irish Sea. Won’t go on sale on Sunday, as I suspect Todd and the volunteers who did it last year will all be in Belfast.
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    Devils v Flames

    Seems like an awful lot of CC games! Just to loose a couple of teams. Not my favourite competition.
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    Frölunda vs Devils - 8 Oct 19 - CHL

    Think we are going to be short of bodies in this one, and will get rolled over in the third period. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.