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As the winter olympics draws near (Feb 7th?) I thought it might be a good idea to keep everyone informed of tv coverage. Dates, channel, F/O times etc.
I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to see as much of it as possible!

We could have it as a bit of a chat thread too. Who you think will win gold, players to look out for, etc etc.


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The women's ice hockey starts Saturday morning. The men's on Wednesday the 12th. Both at the preliminary stages.
Good game to kick off the mens coverage, Czech vs Sweden, starts at 5pm, not sure what channel.

For those interested. Going on the thread so far, that be hardly anyone! :Ninja

I'm going team Finland. :RAWK


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I normally go Sweden, but my Son's Birthday is the same as the Finnish net minder, so go with them now instead!


You can't all sit on the fence and go Canada. ;)


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Just finished watching the USA Russia game, wow! Fan-dabby-dozey.
With out doubt the best shoot out I have ever seen.
Excellent coverage too.

Fantastic stuff!
I always forget about this section of the forum :oops:

What a wonderful tournament so far. The only downside is the BBC's pathetic coverage on their television channels. I don't expect them to show lots of group games on the main channel as it's much easier to package the other sports into short highlights, but it's disappointing how they don't give it the billing it deserves as it's the marquee event of the games!

Anyway, back to the hockey :D

USA V Russia was phenomenal action. What an advert for the game. Most of the talk was about Ovechkin and Malkin, but for me Datsyuk was the standout. What an incredible talent and leader!

Having seen all the contenders play, I do feel USA has a good chance of the gold. They're not the best team there, but have the look of a playoff team to me and have a proven playoff goalie in Quick.

My support as ever goes to Finland who I've backed since watching my first Olympics at Nagano. I have no connection, but it was watching Koivu and Selanne (who led the tournament in points) that pushed me toward the Finns, as well as backing the underdog (being the little brother of Sweden in a hockey sense at least)

For mine, the European teams are showing a greater level of skill than the North American teams and that could give them the advantage. The spaces they work are unreal! Canada and USA look effective though and will no doubt go far.

It's difficult to see Sweden and Finland's injuries not having a baring as the tournament goes on.

I feel for the Czech's who have a stellar top two lines, but have been beaten to a degree by their own coach who's made some bizarre selections prior to the tournament and during.

Finally, a wonderful story for Slovenia who were where GB are a few years ago and have achieved unbelievable heights with just 7 ice rinks and 140 or so registered players. Show what focusing on the national team will do for you eh? Oh, and having the inspirational talents of Anze Kopitar :)

Great achievement from the Swiss to once again make the knockout stages. They have world class goaltending and NHL depth on defence. I suspect in 8 years time we'll see an NHL dominated team from them as they become a legit top tier hockey nation.

If it comes down to goaltending, it's difficult to call, but I do feel that's an area Canada is just a little behind the other 'contenders' the US, Russia, Sweden and Finland.


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Soundwave1 said:
If it comes down to goaltending, it's difficult to call, but I do feel that's an area Canada is just a little behind the other 'contenders' the US, Russia, Sweden and Finland.
So are you admitting you don't think Price is up to it? :lol:


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This tournament just got heaps better. Been watching this mornings QF's. WOW! I won't give anything away incase people are reliant on highlights, but the game now Russia and Finland is just awesome. And the atmosphere has more electric than a level 99 Raichu. :oops:

If you haven't been watching the tournament, you have missed out greatly.

Wonderful stuff! :RAWK