Waller for Team GB?


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Absolute no brainer IMO.

His stats so far for us show he’s more than capable of stepping up to the full GB team.

15 games (including CHL & CC) 9 points.


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Of course! If Josh continues this level of performance, he surely is a shoe-in for Team GB. The transition to younger players is starting to happen as some of our very experienced British players will be approaching retirement from the international game.


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I think in the position Josh has been given now he is playing the best i've seen him. In past seasons he's done good but i've never been over excited by his play, this season he's like a completely different player.
As for Waller, bright future ahead of him at this rate.
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He is by far showing he is the best brit in the league and not only that .....one of the best inform players in the league including imports.