The Inferno and Politics

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I'm becoming increasingly irritated by the political tweets that are posted in the name of The Inferno on Twitter. There have been numerous tweets recently relating to eg. Brexit or Nigel Farage pushing an obvious agenda and reflecting the personal political views of the poster(s).

I see enough of that stuff on social media and I don't want to add to it from a Hockey-related site. To be clear, I'm not saying that I disagree or agree with the political views of the poster(s) or that The Inferno shouldn't be used for non-hockey topics at all. I'm just saying that pushing personal political agendas through a hockey forum is not appropriate.

This is a great forum and I generally enjoy reading the posts so I would respectfully ask the political posters to stop the personal politics before it alienates people that either don't share their views or simply don't want to read it.