Swansea Devils fans meet up??


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I realised recently that apart from posting here (which is basically anonymous anyway!), I don't actually know any other Devils/hockey fans despite being a season ticket holder who goes to almost every game. I've only been supporting the team closely for a couple of years and guess that as I'm not from the area and don't travel to away games, I haven't really made much effort or had the opportunity to get to know other fans.

I know the long-term supporters are a very close knit bunch and there's a real sense of community amongst the fans which is great, but thought it would be worth putting forward the idea of arranging a meet-up for those living in Swansea/NPT?

On matchday, everyone has their own travel arrangements and gets to the arena at different times etc so thought about a meetup locally in Swansea for a coffee or beer to chat Devils hockey.

Any thoughts or anyone interested?

terry hunt

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I am a Swansea Jack living in Newport for 40yrs.
There is group from Swansea and local area in Block 18 they appear at most games


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From Cardiff, live in Greece (Apr-Nov), Stay in Swansea (Nov-Apr) go to almost all home games and Devils meet up outside of Cardiff sounds like a good idea.